AMarkets Online Broker Presents: RoboX Trading Platform

Published: February 1, 2017 Updated: April 25, 2023

This press release was provided by AMarkets

We, the company AMarkets - is a successful online broker, we have been working in the field of investment since 2007. One of our main tasks is to create the most comfortable working conditions for clients who want to succeed with the help of investment technologies.

It is for this purpose, we form a set of financial instruments to solve various problems of investment, to achieve effective development, profit growth.

Among the financial products we offer a special place takes a novelty, which appeared recently, but has already managed to win popularity among our customers - RoboX trading platform.

We are proud and pleased to present you this unique service that opens the most opportunities even for beginner investors! We are sure that using Robox service can fundamentally change already existing ideas about traders' work.


How RoboX works

Robox trading platform is an original system for analytical work in the field of passive investing. The functioning of the service implies the use of trading algorithms and includes:

  • study and careful analysis of an impressive number of investment portfolios;
  • Determining the portfolio(s) that best meet the investor's defined characteristics.

By creating the RoboX service, we primarily sought to expand the opportunities for our clients and provide them with the convenience of choosing from as many options as possible. Of course, the automated system of portfolio selection, taking into account the individual parameters recorded in the system, allows investors to place their funds with efficiency and profitability. In addition, the work of the service greatly facilitates the tasks of investors - and the comfort of clients has been and remains a priority for AMarkets online broker.

We've taken care of even those traders who are not ready to risk large deposits yet. The RoboX system allows you to start working with a minimum starting capital of $500 - that's enough investment to enter the promising world of investment and online trading.

How does the service start?


Getting started with Robox

Who can work with the Robox service? Any client of AMarkets online broker who has created a personal account, deposited a RoboX service account and started working in a specialized web terminal. Once an investor agrees to the terms of the service and waits for RoboX account synchronization with his AMarkets account, he can use the main advantage of the service:

  • RoboX will perform the necessary analysis;
  • RoboX will provide the user with a list of portfolios that best match the investor's requirements.

However, before the service starts searching for the right portfolio for you, you need to:

  • activate the RoboX trading platform;
  • provide the system with all the information it needs to work.


So what information will our service need to be successful?

To select the right portfolio for an investor, the system must obtain information about the client's preferred trading methodology, the chosen trading scenario and the investor's available starting capital.

For the convenience of working with the service, we have formed some rules for users to intelligently select a portfolio.


How to choose the optimal portfolio in the RoboX service

So, having decided to choose a portfolio with certain parameters, you should:

  • Take into account the optimal trading method for a particular investor and select an appropriate strategy (choosing from two options - maximum profits or minimum losses);
  • Take into account the risk tolerance of the investor and choose an appropriate strategy (choosing between aggressive trading, moderate trading, or risk-weighted trading).

The options provided by the system allow users to form an individual strategy, taking into account a variety of parameters specified by the investor. Once the user has recorded his investment "rules" in the system, the service will close and open positions only taking into account the specific strategic scheme.


Working with RoboX: AMarkets cares about its clients!

We really care about our clients' comfort, which is why our Robox service allows traders to form their own personal investment policy and try out various trading strategies.

To make sure of the effectiveness of a particular strategy and to check whether the chosen scheme of work is suitable for you, you can use several investment portfolios for trading at once. In addition, system users are offered to take advantage of the hedging functions that limit operations on accounts when certain balance amounts are reached by an investor.

So, once again, we draw your attention to all the benefits of RoboX and offer you to see its effectiveness in practice!

Choose modern financial instruments! Use unique services from AMarkets online broker and be on top of a successful investment wave!


Video overview of the RoboX platform

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