A Million on Binary Options - Practical Advice

Published: 6 August 2016 Updated: April 24, 2023

Undoubtedly, the main goal of any binary trader is financial well-being and independence. A million on binary options is a cherished dream of all binary market participants. But is it possible to earn a million on binary options and what is needed for that? We will try in our material to provide a brief list of recommendations to achieve such a high result, which will help the trader in daily high performance trading.


Recommendation #1 - use a professional platform for trading

Has anyone ever seen a professional athlete win the Olympics using amateur equipment? It's exactly the same in professional binary trading. Only on a high-performance professional platform are great results possible. What does a trader need for trading and stable results in terms of technical and support services?

Here is the optimal list:

  • Professional broker trading terminal
  • Selection of effective analysis tools
  • Optimal trading conditions
  • A wide range of assets for trading
  • Contracts with high returns
  • Defined expiration range of options
  • A set of auxiliary analytical services
  • Access to fast profit monetization

Critically examining this list, it is impossible to say that supernatural indicators are declared here. But there are almost no companies on the binary market that fully meet them. The most optimal variant of a trading platform in this respect is Binomo brokerThe following list of trading opportunities is available to the trader on its website:

  • Own professional high-performance trading terminal
  • Technically advanced market analysis tools: set of indicators, graphical services
  • Trading conditions with the lowest possible indices and an optimal ratio of the contract value and the volume of the initial deposit - account from 10 USD, the volume of the contract value from 1 USD
  • Excellent selection of underlying assets - more than 80 items
  • Option contracts with profitability level up to 87%
  • Options expiration time range from 60 seconds to 24 hours
  • Support services in the form of free binary trading training and daily analytics
  • The fastest approach to profit monetization

Applying the professional instrument offered by Binomo broker in binary trading, the trader can count on a high degree of probability of achieving his goal - a million on binary options.


Recommendation #2 - use a high performance trading system for trading

Trading system - is the basis of the trader's result. The overall result and the time to achieve the goal depends on the statistics of profitable and losing contracts. The optimal parameter of trading system efficiency for stable earnings on the binary market is considered to be 65-70%. But with such parameters one will have to earn a million on binary options for several decades and a trader strives for fast earnings. We offer you a trading strategy, the effectiveness of which exceeds 90%, it is able to accelerate the achievement of your goals many times over.

So, the system consists of such a list of technical means:

  • MACD indicator
  • MA indicator Simple, period 50 (muving color - standard)
  • MA Simple indicator, period 40
  • MA Simple indicator, period 30
  • MA Simple indicator, period 20
  • MA Simple indicator, period 10

In the indicator parameters, change the coloring of the muwings to blue. As a result, you will get the following system of indicators on the asset chart:

The strategy forms a signal for a binary option UP with expiration of the contract - 15 minutes of this type:

  • A bundle of indicator lines moving average of blue color crossed upward the MA indicator line of red color
  • Oscillator mooving on the MACD indicator crossed upwards the scale level 0

The following signal system works for the DOWN option:

  • A bunch of blue colored moving average indicator lines crossed the MA indicator line of red color downwards
  • Oscillator mooving on the MACD indicator crossed downward the scale level 0

A clearly expressed accurate strategy signal allows you to get more than 90% profitable contracts. To increase the volume of profit it is necessary to make out a series of contracts on one trading signal. Thus, you will increase the dynamics of working capital growth.


Recommendation № 3 - do not break the rules of money management

A professional trading platform and a highly effective trading system will certainly lead to success. But if the trader has no trading discipline and constantly violates the rules of risk management and does not effectively use his trading capital, the only result he will end up with is a complete loss of his investment. And a million on binary options will remain just a dream. Traders who have already achieved our goal put money management on the first place in the issue of productive trading. There are simple rules - to reduce losses and trading risks it is necessary to use either contracts with the minimum value, or, if the volume of trading funds allows the use of contracts, the value of which does not exceed 3-5% of the total amount of funds on the deposit. Such mode of trade can be easily maintained on the terminal of the broker Binomo (see) due to the minimum parameters of trading conditions.

So, a million on binary options if you meet the requirements of these recommendations is an achievable goal. And given the average deposit growth of 300% per week in this trading mode, it won't take too much time to achieve the goal.

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