It is Possible to Make Money from Scratch!

Published: March 23, 2016 Updated: April 23, 2023

This article was sent to us by Sergei Krasnov

Hello all, let's get acquainted, my name is Sergey Krasnov, I'm 19 years old, and I'm a student. I until recently belonged to the category of students who always do not have enough money to study, live and have fun. My parents could not get a big score in time and continued to work in the factory for paltry wages, although I do not blame them. But that's not what my story is about, it's about how I was able to make almost $4,000 on my own and, most importantly, without spending any money, in just two and a half months. If anyone thinks that this is impossible for a nineteen-year-old student, then my personal example says otherwise. I did not steal, I did not unload railroad cars, and I was not even involved in network marketing. I just discovered binary options and was able to make money on them.


Where did it all start?

Many of you often come across ads like this on the Internet and always nervously ignore them:

I was the same way, until one day, just out of idleness, I clicked on the window of this advertisement. The link took me to the broker's website Binomowho offered to trade in some binary options and it was suggested that I start the process at the expense of this company. At first I thought it was another scam, but since nobody asked me to transfer money or do anything except register an account, I decided to give it a try. All in all, I quickly registered an account with Bimono and got access to the trading terminal.


Of course, I didn't understand anything there at first, so I turned to the "Help" section, where I found a free training section.

That's where I learned that A binary option is a type of exchange contractIn order to make a profit on which you need to determine the direction of the price, the so-called underlying asset. To put it simply, you need to bet on a rise or fall in the price of, for example, the dollar against the euro, and for this, roughly speaking, you will be paid. To be honest, I was immediately curious. Probably because now a lot of talks on TV about Wall Street and brokers and traders, who managed to get rich at the exchange market. I thought to myself, if this is not a scam, then this is my chance!

I quickly, in about a week, read through the entire educational section, which was of a fairly high level, and the material was presented there in a simple and understandable way. In general, after a week or so I was ready to trade, but I had no money, so I decided to trade on a demo account. I did it until I chose a trading strategy. In the end, the whole period of learning and getting initial trading experience took me about 2 weeks. After that I took advantage of 20 free options, which my brokerage company kindly gave me as a gift and started real trading in binary options.

All 20 free trades I used in a day and earned 80 rubles! This was not enough to continue trading, but then another surprise was waiting for me, the broker Binomo, added the missing money to a hundred (the minimum contract value) and I was able to make the next option deal. Of course, it was a bit of luck next, my next 8 trades brought me profit and my trading capital grew to the size of 700 rubles, which I could already operate more freely.


Trading Strategy

The system I used to start trading binary options was found right there in the training section of the Bimono website. It looked like this. Two technical indicators that show where the price of the asset could get a reversal on the chart:

The deals are made very simply - when the quotes of an asset have touched the bottom line of the indicator Bollinger Wavebut on the MACD indicator If the price touched the upper Bollinger line and the MACD lines crossed downwards, the contract should be drawn DOWN:

There is nothing complicated about it. Thus, in a few months I increased my trading capital to $3722.78. This can be seen in the screenshot of my trading platform (top middle). And I'm still 19 years old and a student, but now my earnings average $200 a day and I have enough money for everything, even to help my parents. And yet I haven't put a penny of my own money into it. Only bonus contracts, knowledge obtained from the broker, and my own desire to become successful. Of course my binary options trading will not end there, but will be more profitable. I have already set a more ambitious goal for myself!

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