How Does Glenmore Investments Screw Its Clients?

Published:22 February 2019 Updated:4 January 2024

Financial companies that offer their clients to earn income from their trading are at the peak of popularity, as evidenced by the number of these organizations offering their services over the Internet. Many advertising posts lead people to think that they should try to earn extra money, especially since it is offered to do so very quickly and guaranteed.

But trusting such companies can turn into a negative experience, because in most cases there is banal fraud and people who invested in the project can not get their money back, without receiving any explanation in return (stories of traders faced with fraudsters, here).

Glenmore Investments (website: is a typical firm that plays a fraudulent game in the financial market, and it has been the subject of a lot of social media posts and online advertising banners. More and more negative reviews and stories of clients who trusted fraudsters and lost their deposits have started to appear, allowing other traders to be aware of the true motives of the company and avoid it. However, not all customers who are waiting for the promised “golden mountains” will waste their time looking for reviews, because they can spend it to earn money, especially such as this scammer.


Glenmore Investments’ beautiful promises

Repeatedly noticing the advertising of Glenmore Investments, considering himself experienced, one trader decided to learn more about simple and reliable ways of making money, about which all the advertising posts of the project’s social networks were repeating. Determined not to miss the moment, he tried to explore the site, the information of which seemed to him quite normal and reliable. He did not want to wait long and immediately decided to register his personal account, after which he received a call from the firm and started a conversation.

First, he talked to the client manager, who found out all the client’s wishes, as well as his financial capabilities and expectations. Then he connected the client to the manager stock market brokerI was interested in this method because he wanted to try one of the ways of earning there, which seemed to him an interesting and uncomplicated affair. The conversation with the broker’s manager showed that this way of earning is the most successful and, moreover, guarantees a stable income from operations with those assets, which the consultant will advise the client. For successful trading it is necessary to take into account a lot of different data, which should still be found on reliable sources and which the fraud broker was ready to provide to the client as a sign of generosity and attention.

It was decided to trade together on the first day, and then to give the client access to open and close trades on his own to show him the basics of the platform. The client, on the advice of the broker, funded his account with an impressive amount of money and bought an additional training course, which the broker imposed on him.


A tempting prospect

By downloading the necessary data to work on stock marketThe client and the manager began to open small transactions. At that time, the man had no idea that a catch was waiting for him and that he would soon find out how he had been defrauded by the broker who had seemed so honest not so long ago.

Simplicity and clarity of actions became immediately clear to the client, he quickly understood the essence of all work, which pleased him greatly. By the end of the day, the client already had more money on his account than he had deposited, which indicated a successful trading day. The broker’s manager advised the client to try on his own the next day, assuring him that any unforeseen actions in the market were insured and he only needed to carefully analyze the data from the sources his consultant kindly gave him. On the next trading day the client saw incomprehensible data in the history of his transactions, which told him, firstly, that they were clearly losing, and secondly, that they were not made, which he remembered very clearly.

The client immediately called the broker’s manager, but the latter informed him that his trading account is used only by him and all the transactions available in the history are performed by him independently. Not agreeing with this to the end, the trader wrote an appeal to the support service of the company with a request to consider his claim, which he attached to the letter.

He received a reply that it was necessary to provide the full details of his account, because the trader could not be found in the system.

Having graciously provided all that was asked of him, the client had no idea what awaited him next. Finishing an unsuccessful day, he decided to withdraw at least this amount, in order to test the capabilities of the system cash withdrawalThe broker told him about it. Having postponed this procedure to the next day, the client with frustrated feelings began to look for other sources of income, in which he planned to invest the withdrawn funds.


The True Face of Glenmore Investments

Trying to access his personal account on the Glenmore Investments platform the next day to withdraw the remaining money, the client was unpleasantly surprised because his access was restricted.

The trader had no choice but to write an e-mail asking him to explain what was going on.

A couple of days later he received a reply that the money from his account had been returned by the bank and the company was no longer liable.

The financial broker deceived his client, but no one was going to be held responsible. Naturally, the bank did not hear anything about any refund without the client’s knowledge, which finally opened his eyes to what was going on and proved that he had contacted fraudsters and the broker had drained the deposit just as it had been done many times to other clients. The bank, on the other hand, offered him a chargeback procedure and go to the police to clarify the circumstances of what happened, which was done.

We’ll help you get your money back

Have you been cheated by a broker? Don’t despair, we offer you the opportunity to get a free consultation from our partners. These are professional lawyers with years of experience in recovering payments from dishonest financial institutions. If you have been defrauded and are not getting your earned income back, fill out the form below, your request will be immediately received by the lawyers and you will definitely get a call back!

Also, in order to receive your free chargeback instructions, you will need to confirm your subscription to the newsletter. To do this, you will receive an email and then, after you have confirmed the newsletter, you will receive the instructions in your mailbox.


Numerous stories of defrauded clients of Glenmore Investments, confirming the company’s fraudulent motives, may help to conclude that the first thing to do is to analyze all available information, which in this case has a number of inconsistencies. Remember that no professional broker will give you a guarantee of stable income. Every other pseudo-analyst will offer you a guarantee of stable income. Be vigilant!

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