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Published:11 May 2019 Updated:4 January 2024

The complaint came from Philip Narussky, from the post: [email protected]

Subject: Cheated

My name is Philip Narussky, in my old age (62) I got into a pyramid scheme and lost almost all of my savings during decades of honest work.

12.04.2019 I was called by the manager of the company Alvexo and offered cooperation, began to throw clever words and phrases, probably the same in the calculation that I more than half can not understand – talked me into investing with 350 dollars, said that I will get a trader or their analyst, who will work with me for a percentage.

After transferring the money no one contacted me for 2 days and then on 15.04.2019 Nikolai Kostyushin called me and started telling me about his investment portfolios, installed the MT4 trading software and started opening trades.

The next day there was a profit, but Nikolai said that not enough and he needs to work with large assets – he persuaded me to add up to $ 1000, and we started trading in oil – when she went into drawdown nervously began to call and demand an urgent loan and skidy sites tinkov for credit, I said that I will not take credit and asked how much money I need – then I had the opportunity to take the deferred money.

Together we deposited $4,000 more to the account and began to make trades “in the castle”. My account started to go out of balance and I wanted to hedge – to withdraw $4,000 and I told Nikolay to help me to withdraw, because I did not understand the functionality of the trading program.

He got excited, started asking what happened to me and why I want to withdraw and offered a 50/50 deal – there was news on the gold and had to find more 2500 dollars, I said I was not interested in it yet, but the analyst insisted and said he would add to the deal his 7500 dollars – I agreed, we deposited another 2500 dollars of my balance and it was May 2.

No one has been in touch for a week! Please help, who knows how to get your money back from help – here is my mail, I monitor it all the time, I ask those who care to help – [email protected]

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  • I opened an account with x90 for 300$ at the beginning of 2018. The guy who kept calling me and urging me – said it would be enough, so I did I fell for it. After replenishment I was transferred to another tider analyst who worked and prompted me. We were making money for a while when the account increased to 748$ withdrew me 100$, I asked my son for his birthday. After the withdrawal they said, let’s work with shares on a large scale from 20000$ and insisted that everything was fine now, that the man had proven his professionalism in trading. Well, I withdrew the money I had been saving for the home renovations and poured money in. They promised insured trades on APPLE, like 1 month trading without risks. As a result, in September and November, we developed not the account to 43182$. I asked to withdraw 20000$, and I was told that I have bonuses and need to work them off. I WAS IN SHOCK!!!!!. As a result, since the beginning of March I demanded to remove the bonuses and withdraw the money. I wrote and called them, and I was fed with promises incomprehensible that we will work off bonuses. And in the middle of December I went to ACCOUNT WAS 0 on balance!!!! Then I wrote to the support and called them and silence. I contacted the bank to make a refund, the bank refused. Then I they called LUNA, charged $250, said they’d refund it, and they did NOTHING. SHIELD AND SWORD OF SHARAG also took money from me and did NOTHING. The NEC company tortured me for 3 months and told me that they could not refund me, but they took the payment. But in the end I got a lawyer, and they did not make a refund.

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