Skrill and online casinos

Skrill - popular payment system around the world, originally focused on gamblers. But today Skrill is a means of payment for absolutely all Internet users, whether they are freelancers, brokers, gamblers, owners of online projects (casinos, stores, etc.) - people who in one way or another deal with financial transactions on the Internet.

Benefits of Skrill:

  • flexible commissions and limits (which largely depend on the activity of the user);
  • convenient tools for financial transactions (including plastic and virtual Skrill cards);
  • reliability and security of transfers (Skrill is officially licensed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as an issuer of electronic money).

These are the main advantages that have ensured Skrill's popularity for more than 10 years. And with VipDeposits the use of Skrill wallet will become even more profitable and convenient, because the VipDeposits team offers unique conditions for bonus statuses and professional online support.

About Skrill in numbers

The electronic system Skrill is considered the world leader in international payments since 2001. It works in 200 countries and with 40 types of currencies. The company has a staff of over 500 people of 30 nationalities. The Skrill website has a user-friendly interface and is available in 12 languages. Its e-wallet users can make about 100 kinds of payments.

Skrill vs NETELLER: similarities and differences

Which should I choose between neteller or skrill?

Skrill, like Neteller, is a full-fledged payment system, more focused on the gambling industry. In fact, it is the leader in the field of payment instruments for online gambling.

The most obvious difference is that Neteller, thanks to the simple registration and ease of obtaining the card Net+, can be called a more convenient option for small as well as medium-sized players. Yes, and bonus statuses (with lower commissions and high limits) Neteller gives out for the calendar year. As for Skrill, it is chosen most often due to the fact that with the Silver premium status you can get a Skrill plastic card for free:

  • get a Skrill plastic card (as well as free withdrawals from ATMs and
  • to use it free of charge for three years);
  • Create a virtual Skrill Card;
  • show your VISA bank card;
  • Deposit to your Skrill account with a VISA bank card.

And the second. It's true that Skrill's VIP statuses are valid for a calendar quarter. The main advantage of both systems is the speed of financial transactions - payment processing is lightning fast.

As for commissions - the more activity, the higher the status in the payment system. Accordingly, the higher the status, the lower the commission and the higher the limits. And since accounts are focused on gambling, you can use your NETELLER or Skrill wallet to fund (deposit) casinos, sports betting, Forex platforms - for free.

Skrill VIP-statuses and conditions for obtaining them (standard)

The Skrill payment system has implemented a system of premium VIP-statuses: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. The payment system Skrill has implemented a system of premium VIP-statuses: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. The more deposits the merchant has (casino, poker room, betting shop, etc.), the higher the VIP Skrill status you can get. According to the standard conditions:

  • For VIP Bronze you need to deposit €6,000 into your trading account per quarter;
  • for VIP Silver - €15,000 per quarter;
  • for VIP Gold - €45,000 per quarter;
  • for VIP Diamond - €9000 per quarter.

What are the benefits of being a Skrill VIP?

There are many of them:

  • lower fees. For example, on the VISA bank card application is: for accounts without VIP-status - 1.90%, for Bronze - 1.25%, for Silver, Gold and Diamond - free;
  • the ability to open an additional account in another currency: one for Silver, two for Gold and three for Diamond;
  • order and use the Skrill Prepaid MasterCard. For loyal customers
  • Card ordering - €10 and annual maintenance also €10; for all VIP clients ordering a card and using it free of charge;
  • Higher limits. For example for withdrawals on the Skrill Prepaid MasterCard for regular accounts and Bronze - €900/day, for Silver - €1,500/day, for Gold - €3,000/day and for Diamond - €5,000/day.

Can I get even better deals with my Skrill Wallet? Yes, with VipDeposits!

Advantages of the Skrill+VipDeposits program

By registering through the VipDeposits link, any new user has the opportunity to sign up for free Silver Vip status. By registering through the VipDeposits link, any new user has the opportunity to get Silver Vip status for free.

For this you need:

  • register (after clearing your browser's cookies and cache),
  • send an application to join VipDeposits,
  • wait for a return email,
  • Complete the verification procedure for your account.

Within 2 days after verification, the account will be automatically upgraded to Silver status. The account verification is done from the first time (1 day), and VipDeposits support service in live-chat, Skype, FB, VC, Twitter, Telegram and via e-mail will always consult and help solve any questions on the payment system.

So when you join the Skrill + VipDeposits program, you get truly exclusive e-wallet terms and conditions, including:

  • check for 1 day;
  • free VIP Silver - for new customers and discounted - for existing customers;
  • The possibility of free deposit/withdrawal of funds from/to your VISA card;
  • make transfers to other Skrill users without a fee;
  • Open an additional account in another currency, avoiding conversion fees,
  • Order the Skrill Prepaid MasterCard and a virtual card for free.

Benefits of skrill vipdeposits

In addition to attractive conditions for new clients, VipDeposits offers to connect existing Skrill clients to the program. But there are some restrictions - registration without affiliate link, no traffic on your account in last 30 days. To find out how you can join VipDeposits, just leave an application form.

How to make profitable deposits with Skrill at online casinos?

Due to the fact that the payment system Skrill is controlled by the British regulator (Controlling Financial Regulation and Supervision in the UK - FSA), they choose as a payment tool not only bookmakers, but also online casinos and other gambling platforms.

And since among the official partners of Skrill - and many online casinos, various bonuses only increase the interest of users to make deposits with your purse Skrill.

Thus, having an account with Skrill, you can not only free and instantly transfer money to the casino account, but also get together with a deposit of reload-bonus, which in some online institutions can be up to 30% of the amount.

Skrill with Vipdeposits - profitable use, reliable support

The free Skrill + Vipdeposits connection allows you to work with the Skrill payment system in the most efficient and profitable way. As soon as you sign up and verify your account you receive VIP Silver status for free. And within three months you will be able to do so:

  • make deposits or withdrawals in poker rooms, betting shops and online casinos;
  • withdraw funds to your VISA card;
  • order and use the Skrill Prepaid MasterCard;
  • withdraw cash from your Skrill card;
  • Pay for purchases or services with your Skrill card;
  • transfer funds within the system;
  • topping up your Skrill account from your bank account.

Don't waste your money! Sign up for a Skrill account with VipDeposits now!