Roulette in an Online Casino

Published:9 March 2023 Updated:4 January 2024

France is the birthplace of entertainment and gambling and from the French language the name “roulette” means “little wheel”. According to other sources, the game originated in China, but in ancient Rome and Greece soldiers were engaged in a similar occupation. However, the concept of modern roulette, to which we are all accustomed, originated in Europe, namely in France. Although gambling was prohibited at that time, at the beginning of the 19th century they were given a second life after official permission and the decision that gambling was a legal activity.

Roulette in an Online Casino


Types of roulette in the casino

Online casino allows you to play roulette wherever you are. Novice gamblers may even get confused, as there are several types of this popular entertainment:

  • French is a standard version of the game where participants use chips or tokens, which are subsequently exchanged for money. The main weapon here is memory, as you need to remember the types of bets. When choosing a table, the limits table is taken into account, which determines the size of the minimum and maximum bets. The participants have the right to set external and internal bets themselves, oral bets are made by the dealer. If a zero sector falls out, bets are kept on the field until the next game or, if desired, players can pick up half of the bet. If a zero falls again, a loss is declared. French and other types of roulette can be found in online casinos 7BitCasino.

Roulette in 7BitCasino

  • European Roulette is similar to the previous version, but English terminology is used here, making the process easier for players from different countries. But the goal is the same – to guess which of the 36 numbers will fall out, including 0. Price tokens are also used here. Bets are paid from the largest. So European Roulette from Evoplay can be found in the catalog of casino games 1xSlots.

Roulette in 1xSlots

  • American roulette is quite significantly different from the previous two varieties. There are two zero sectors: 0 and 00, besides, the rest of the numbers on the field are located a little differently. The maximum number of croupiers at one table is 3. It depends on how loaded the table is, that is, the number of participants who want to play. In this case, the dealer behind the wheel is responsible for the exchange of chips. There are no price chips here, but only tokens of different colors. At the same time, each player has tokens of their own color. There are no oral-type bids. All of them are committed directly by the participants or the dealer in case of unacceptable and incorrect actions on the part of the players. Collecting tokens is done with your hands, not with special shovels. The lowest bids are paid first. You can play online roulette at the casino YoYoCasino.

Roulette in YoYoCasino

More rare variants found in online casinos are roulette with multiple wheels or balls. The multi-wheel view allows you to place multiple bets at the same time on different launches, but the payouts are standard here. In a game with two balls, there are already different bets and rules. For example, to win, both balls must fall in the same range. Developers put different rules into the game, adding or removing details, only the key principle remains unchanged – throwing the ball into the playing field.


How to win at roulette

Of course, almost everything in this game depends on luck, but this does not mean that it cannot be defeated. Since the appearance of this entertainment, people have been thinking over strategies and tactics in the hope of hitting the jackpot. Before you figure out the action plan, watch the game, try to count the numbers at which the ball stops moving. Before making a bet, think about optimality. There are several methods for placing a chip on the field. The Makarov strategy (Biarritz) is a method for the patient. You will have to play by betting on the same number 36 times in a row. The easiest way is to make the most of the chips you have set, that is, the largest number of cells on the field should be covered with your chips. In this case, there are great chances of winning.

The most popular method used by players all over the world is result management tactics. The participant at the table analyzes the losses and winnings and, based on these data, makes a further bet decision. The Martingale system is considered effective in a game of equal chances when the bet doubles in case of loss. But if there is a win, everything spent can be recouped at once, which is the main advantage of this system. According to the D’Alembert system, you need to raise and lower the amount taking into account the previous rotation. If you win, reduce the bet amount by one, if you lose, increase it. This method is preferable for those who do not like to take risks.

The “Big Square” scheme is suitable for players who like to watch the game. After analyzing 24 spins, you need to remember 3-7 numbers that fell out most often. Based on the results, a certain scheme will develop: if 3 numbers are recorded, the bet on them will be repeated for 12 spins, 7 numbers – 5 spins. Not so often there are those who use several strategies or mixed schemes at once. This method is mainly used by experienced players who have a lot of experience behind them. They quickly count in their minds, notice details, are completely focused on the process, monitor the size of bets, how and what they are made by other participants.


Tips for beginners

Even knowing the rules and strategies, it will be difficult for beginners to navigate the playing field at first. Therefore, it does not hurt to adhere to the following tips:

  • Manage your bankroll correctly by starting to put minimum amounts.
  • Play at a table where there is a wheel with a double zero sector.
  • Do not continue the game with negative emotions, even if you have already been defeated.
  • Learn different strategies, try something new in search of your tactics.
  • Before starting the game, evaluate the chances of winning.
  • Be vigilant and do not forget about the existence of scammers.
  • Try demo versions of roulette, perceiving them as a way to improve your skills.


How to deal with losing

In gambling, it is impossible to predict the result and even if you are unlucky, it does not hurt to be able to cope with a loss. Even from experienced gamblers, luck turns away. First of all, learn to accept reality, do not hide from it. The sooner you realize the loss, the faster it will feel better. In no case do not try to recoup immediately, thinking that you will be lucky soon. You are unlikely to be able to cope with the flow of emotions at such a moment, so it’s time to take a break. It is best to focus on something pleasant after a failure. Do what you love, call your family, watch your favorite movie, get distracted from what happened. But the main thing is not to perceive online casino games as a way to earn money, then the loss will not seem like something serious.

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