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Finam Forex registration

To work with a broker Finam Forex mandatory registration is required. At the first step of creating an account, a single brokerage account will be opened, after which you can additionally open an EIS or Forex account. To open a trading account, you need to go to the official website of the broker and click the "Registration" button in the upper right corner of the page. To open a trading account on the platform should be treated responsibly. An error will lead to rejection of registration with forex broker.

Filling out the registration form

Filling out the registration form is done in several stages. At each stage, it is important to enter only accurate information. When filling out the form, make sure that all the information is spelled correctly.

Step 1. primary data. At this step you need to specify your first name, last name, e-mail address and phone number. The phone number is filled in the format (operator code) - phone number. After filling in the data, check the box "Open account online" and agree with the terms of the offer agreement.

Step 2. Create a password. At this step you need to come up with a strong password to log in to your personal cabinet. The password must consist of 6 or more characters and contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and special symbols. The password must be entered twice. After checking the password, you can continue your registration by pressing the "Next" button.

Step 3. Confirm the phone number. At this step, you need to enter the received SMS code. If the code did not come, you can request to send it again. After entering the secret code, press the "Login" button.

Step 4: Identity Confirmation. At this step you need to upload a copy of your passport. You need to upload a photo of the main page and the page with the registration. Your photos must be clear and all the information must be legible. You can upload your documents with your cell phone by scanning the QR-code or you can attach files from your computer.

Step 5. Identification data. At this step you have to specify TIN and SNILS (not obligatory). After that you must write the address of registration and permanent residence. Check the data and mark the correctness of the filling. After this, continue with the registration.

Step 6. Connect an SMS signature. To connect, you need to agree that one-time passwords will be sent by the system to the phone number specified in the application form. Then you have to sign the documents. Read all agreements carefully before signing. You must not sign any documents, otherwise the system will refuse to register you.

After completing the registration form, your application will be submitted for consideration, and you will be able to track its status. If there are errors in the application form, the status of the application will be "Pending" and the system will indicate the reason for rejection. If the decision is positive, a single brokerage account will be opened in your name. The registration can be considered completed.

Opening a Forex account

After opening a general brokerage account, you can move on to forex. To do this, log into your personal cabinet and click "Open Forex Account". Sign the application with the SMS-code. After the positive decision in a private office the additional account will be formed. Please note that you have to fund the account separately. Now choose your tariff plan and start trading.

It should be noted that opening an account online is only available to Russian citizens. If you are not a Russian citizen, please contact your nearest Finam office. To open an account at the company's office you need to bring your passport and smartphone. If you do not live in Russia, search for "Finam" website in your country. The company works in all CIS countries.

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