How to Register in the Stock Market?

Published:2 November 2017 Updated:4 January 2024

Did you know that the question of how to register on the stock exchange and start earning – one of the important and interesting for the novice trader. However, you can register quickly, it does not take much time, it is clear and simple.

So, to register in the stock market, we recommend the first thing:

  1. Decide on stockbroker. As you know, all transactions in the domestic market (the Moscow Exchange (official website) or St. Petersburg (official website), for example) do not come directly from an individual, but only through a broker who plays the role of an intermediary between the two parties involved: the trader and the exchange.
  2. Decide on the tariff. All brokers have different tariff plans, they depend on the volume of transactions you plan to make on the exchange, your level of knowledge and trading skills. The tariffs with fixed payment will suit more to beginners of the exchange, professionals are more profitable to use plans, in which payment depends on volume of made transactions, because usually the more transactions are made, the less commission.
  3. Conclude a service contract. The contract is concluded with an intermediary, a broker, takes place either online (for online trading) or in the office. After the contract is concluded and the confirmation comes, your account is opened immediately.
  4. Decide on a trading terminal (Quik (official website), Metatrader (official website), for example) and install it on your computer (as well as its mobile version). The terminal is the main trading space where the online trading transactions will take place. Brokers have their own list of terminals, sometimes their own developments are offered. You can also work free of charge initially on a demo account, which simulates the real trading of shares, allows to get acquainted with the process of work, to test the strategy.
  5. Transfer funds to the account for real trading using the payment systems offered to you, as well as traditional methods of payment (bank teller’s office).


How much to start trading?

So, now you have decided to try your hand at the stock exchange, signed a contract with stockbrokerYou are actively working on a demo account and plan to enter the real market. What is the best amount to transfer to the account in order to make a profit as a result? We have prepared recommendations to help you.

The issue is covered in different ways, much depends on your experience and readiness to invest large funds in the transaction or, on the contrary, minimal funds, both the exchange and the assets influence this. For example, to trade in the domestic market with futures on RTS indices, a novice trader needs 12,000 rubles: 10,000 rubles will be enough for trading, 2,000 rubles – the risk funds necessary for willingness to take the risk.

Such sum is an average of possible options at the stock exchange, it will allow to start work comfortably, it is easy enough to reach an indicator in the form of 25% of income. Most often beginning traders speak about the amount of a good initial deposit – from 30,000 rubles, it is this amount of money that will allow to reach good results and continue mastering the opportunities of the stock exchange. However 12 000 and 30 000 rubles are the options which should be regarded as an initial stage of work with shares, high income from such minimum amount is not to be expected.

How much to start trading on the stock exchange?

But you should not trade on the stock market with a large amount either: it immediately increases the cost of your risks; you need to know that all participants risk funds; trading securities for the first time is accompanied by fear of losing your capital, so it is important to properly pass the psychological barrier that separates calm demo trading from real trading, where you risk for real. The size of your initial deposit to the account will largely depend on your goals. Beginners are likely to start with the lowest deposit you can make.

Professional players invest more substantial sums: from 100 000 rubles, it will allow to make a profitable investment portfolio, increases, accordingly in this case and the probability to receive more income, at the expense of participation in more expensive assets. Having determined the amount to start your first real trades, you can get started. Be prepared for both wins and losses, it will help you work better and overcome fears and uncertainties.


Types of investments in the stock market

Of course, the stock market attracts a variety of ways to invest, offers enough opportunities for any purpose of investors: it is trading stocks, bonds, derivatives (futures, etc.), etc. the largest organizations that guarantee the profitability of investments. Such organizations are the largest companies, banks, promising international brands.

In addition, the trader can choose the most successful way of investing: real and portfolio investments. With real (long-term) investments you can participate in a specific promising project and receive a stable income. With portfolio (most often short-term) investments you can make a whole portfolio of projects, participation in which is interesting to you.


What kind of markets are there?

Today, investors have access to a large number of markets for trading. Let’s talk about those that are more popular among market players.

New York Stock Exchange NYSE (official website) is considered a prestigious and major global exchange, as can be judged by the impressive turnover – about 50% of the total turnover among exchanges. There are more than 3,000 international organizations, and individuals with large trading turnover are admitted. Other popular American stock exchanges are NASDAQ, the National Electronic Stock Exchange (official website), CME, Chicago Mercantile Exchange (official website), GLOBEX, the Global Electronic Trading Platform (official website).

Tokyo Stock Exchange TSE (official website) is rightly called the second exchange after the U.S. NYSE. Here there are more than 2.5 thousand organizations of such famous brands as Sony, Toyota, Mazda, etc., individuals are not allowed to trade. The London Stock Exchange LSE (official website) occupies the honorable third place in terms of trading volumes, there are almost 50% trades in securities, individuals are allowed to trade.

What are the stock markets?

The largest stock exchanges include the following: Shanghai Stock Exchange (official website), which is the fastest growing, largely due to the work with Chinese companies; Hong Kong (official website), the Toronto Stock Exchange (official website), it acts as the main platform for dealing with raw materials and stocks; Frankfurt (official website) – considered to be the oldest; the Swiss Exchange (official website) is one of the most conservative; the Australian (official website), a separate exchange for the continent; the Korean Exchange (official website), which today acts as one of the youngest, but in terms of volume and capitalization can compete with the leaders.

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