How Do We Evaluate?

How do we evaluate brokers?

We do not want traders working with binary options to be misled by the information presented by brokers. Information about brokers should be honest, objective and unified. That's why we have developed a unified approach to the evaluation and formation of our reviews of binary options brokers, which consists of 3 steps:

1. Data collection
2. rating assessment
3. the fight against fraud

How do we collect data?

Our team of expert traders has created a database of binary options brokers' websites using manual and automated web scanning tools. We also collect data from users who leave us requests to check brokers' activities (you can send a request to investigate fraudulent activities here).


Rating evaluation methodology

In order to avoid manipulation of our scoring results by dishonest brokers, we are not fully prepared to disclose the ranking factors we use. The primary ranking factors we use include, but are not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Withdrawal of earnings: should not take more than 5 days;
  • Small number of complaints (we get more than 10 complaints a day on our site);
  • Truthfulness of promotions: the information must be accurate, correct and not misleading (see how we evaluate broker listings);
  • Complaint handling (we act as a mystery shopper and file complaints): the broker must respond to complaints and resolve the issue in 1-2 days at most;
  • Deposit: A broker must have at least 3 different payment systems;
  • Earnings: the lowest earnings from the option should be at least 80%;
  • Registration with the regulator: brokers must have a license CySEC or . with a link for confirmation;
  • Minimum deposit: must be no more than 250 U.S. dollars;
  • Popularity of search demand: there must be steady growth, preferably without sudden drops in the volume of searches in the Yandex and Google search engines. Sharp drops in demand are interpreted as a bad ranking factor, as it may be caused by searching for information related to fraudulent activities. We carefully check search demand spikes and find out what they are related to, to verify if the broker at 100% is safe and update the information on our website.

Fighting fraud

Every month about 10-20 fraudulent brokers are created to cheat traders. We fight such manifestations with a combination of automated analysis tools and manual checks. Automated tools include but are not limited to search scripts, automated trading software, etc. For manual analysis, we open a real account with a broker, ask questions and act as a client like a mystery shopper. We record the data and publish our feedback in the corresponding section of the site.

How we evaluate advertising campaigns of brokers

The most common method of deception is unreliable information in promotions. That's why we personally check all promotions to make sure they are true before publishing them on our site. We don't trust promotions that:

  • encourage users to make a deposit, download an app, or induce other action without providing all the necessary information to obtain the user's explicit consent;
  • represent a broker, its platform or services in such a way that the information is not accurate, not realistic and not true;


Our message to binary options brokers

The ethical side. In every business, it is important for both the buyer and the seller to feel satisfied with what they are getting. We strongly recommend that binary options brokers provide customer services in accordance with all ethical standards in order to maintain an honest and fraud free market.


Our message to traders

Free cheese only comes in a mousetrap. If an offer looks too good to be true, it's probably a scam. As a reminder, you should always remain realistic and analyze the information you receive before investing in binary options. Choosing a binary options broker comes with a high level of risk, and you should weigh all the facts carefully before making a choice. If necessary, Send us a request investigate the broker of interest or seek independent assistance.

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  • Why is the FTC in the first place in investment projects? They don’t pay and you can’t expect a response from them. Manager only for appearance, refers to unanswered mail. Can’t get my money back for over a month.

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  • Good afternoon. My name is Anastasia Vysotskaya and I am a professional lawyer. My first experience of recovering money from a fraudulent brokerage company The first time it happened was about three years ago, when a close friend of mine was scammed out of $7,500. Since then it became a kind of hobby for me, It should be taken into account that in fact every other brokerage company is a trivial kitchen, and its employees are professionally trained sales managers who handle you from the very first call.Remember, you haven’t lost your means, you have been deceived. It is not the market that has gone against you, or the news background has changed dramatically — you have fallen into a clever financial trap that Many people make mistakes and do not ask for professional help thinking that the money is gone, and getting your money back is easier than it seems. For more information you can contact me in the comments.

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    • Vyačeslav 21 July 2020 at 07:24

      I would like to support your hobby!

  • Which organization should I turn to for help with getting my deposit back? There are many organizations, but I already think that not all of them are decent. I don’t know who I can trust! Maybe someone has such an experience?

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  • Who has dealt with ITPBANK ?

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  • I was surprised that finmaxfx in first place, trading with a consultant probably a pseudonym Yuri Metizov, he showed complete lack of professionalism, and perhaps fraud complete lack of risk management, the deposit is completely drained, if the company employs such «experts» can I trust the company?

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  • Who knows BNB Options?

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  • Who knows the company com? They say it’s super))

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  • I fell for the fraud broker Alex Rajewski, who fraudulently transferred an amount greater than the agreed amount (distracting me with talk about the weather, about family, etc.) hooked me up with AniDesk. I said, «Why? He said it was the right thing to do. It’s okay, now let’s do everything right and get to work. The amount we agreed upon was supposed to be $250, and while we were talking, he distracted me by going into my account, which I didn’t should have touched and distracted me by telling me: do this, do that. And thus he withdrew all the money from my account. Afterwards, when I When I came to my senses that he had done this, I asked him to take it all back. He told me not to worry. That money would more than pay me back. Я I told him that I needed my money and that he should return it the next day, but he started making excuses, saying that in order to withdraw it I had to to invest a decent amount of money. And where could I get it? But I still found a loan and deposited the amount that was required. Then they allegedly The security service became interested and the account was blocked. After it was unblocked, he demanded the same amount citing that the last amount automatically transferred to the account and so I have to enter the same amount again to request a withdrawal of my money! I contacted the law firm Shield and Sword, they said they would work on my issue. In the end it turned out that this broker made everything very tricky: that even the verification with me did not

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    • Nata 21 November 2018 at 05:40

      I have the same situation, only to get my own money I have to pay them 25% tax, now I do not know how to get my money