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Published:15 June 2021 Updated:11 April 2024

We offer you earnings on an affiliate program. Cooperation with us is participation in a modern Internet project, real remote work, and an opportunity to get money for it. Our advantages: stable income, high payments, lifelong deductions, a set of modern tools, creatives to choose from, various niche offers, the help of a personal manager, and statistics.

Use our tools and earn with us. We have several types of affiliate programs:

  1. Publish reviews and earn real money for your experience and knowledge! To collaborate, check out the Affiliate Program Rules below, on this page, or on the add the feedback page.
  2. Sell services and make money. Sell our services and get up to 50% of the sums paid by the companies! To collaborate, send us an email to [email protected].
  3. Make money by promoting offers. Use our tools to generate leads. We are ready to share 80% commissions from our partners with you. The technical part is under development.

Publish reviews and earn money with!

Introducing our affiliate program with an opportunity to earn money for publishing reviews. Write reviews on our website, help people to make decisions about cooperation with companies, and get a well-deserved reward for it.

Who is suitable for a affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is suitable for you if:

  • You’re looking for a remote job with a stable income. Our affiliate program is a real opportunity to work remotely and earn money.
  • You’re interested in exploring something different. You have an opportunity to become an expert, pursue your genuine interests, make a meaningful impact, and earn income from it.
  • You want to help people with advice so that they don’t encounter fraud.

Advantages of an affiliate program

We support your expertise, so we have developed our affiliate program and we’re willing to pay you money for your feedback. The benefits of our affiliate program are:

  • Real remote work.
  • Your involvement in a modern Internet project.
  • The chance to contribute positively by guiding users with honest feedback about companies.
  • Quickly and conveniently withdraw profit.

How to become a member of an affiliate program?

To do this, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Register at
  2. Send feedback on the affiliate program page by clicking on Add Review. Your review must comply with the rules of the affiliate program. We will check your review according to the rules of the affiliate program, and participating affiliate programs, and contact you.
  3. Publish the review on our website after we confirm that your review has been successfully moderated.
  4. Send a link to the review published on our website by e-mail [email protected]. The first step in the process is to agree in correspondence on a convenient way to receive remuneration and get your money.

What kind of reviews are we willing to pay money for?

For your reviews to bring you money, they must comply with the rules of our affiliate program:

  • This should be your real experience, a real story confirmed with documents.
  • The testimonial should contain detailed information.
  • The testimonial should contain high-quality photos as evidence of using a company’s services.
  • The text and photos of the recall have not been previously published on the Internet.
  • The size of the review is more than 500 characters.
  • The testimonial should be about a real product, service, or a company that is in demand.

1. Rules of the affiliate program:

1.1 Affiliate program participants receive remuneration for each published review on via the designated review additions form if the following conditions are met:

1.2 Published review is more than 500 characters (only Latin letters and numbers are counted).

1.3 The testimonial contains high-quality photos as proof of using the company’s services.

1.4 The testimonial contains personal experience, and its text and photos have not been previously published on the Internet.

1.5 Review tells about a product, service, or company that is in demand.

1.6 Amount of remuneration – $0.5 for 1 review successfully moderated and published on that fully complies with the rules of the affiliate program.

1.7 To participate in an affiliate program, you need to submit feedback via the designated review addition form on the affiliate program page. After the review passes moderation, proceed to publish it on the website.

1.8 To get the reward, you need to send a link to your published review previously moderated on our website to [email protected]. We will check the review and contact you for your reward.

2. Prohibited:

2.1 Publication of reviews participating in the affiliate program on other sites.

2.2 Mention in reviews the information prohibited by law, including misleading information, and contacts of third parties.

2.3 Use reviews for advertising, including advertising their services, and links, including referrals.

2.4 Poorly informative reviews, including those with errors.

2.5 Publication of low-quality photos, including those not related to the review.

2.6 Reviews that do not specify the name of the product, its model, or the name of the company.

2.7 Reusing other people’s content (text, photos, and other data).

2.8 Reusing of well-known and official information.

2.9 Creating multiple accounts on the website.

The site moderator has the right:

3.1 Delete reviews that do not respond and violate Site Rules and the Affiliate Program Rules.

3.2 Contact the users to clarify information on the reviews and delete reviews that are false, or not supported by documents, or photos.

3.3 Block the user’s account for violation of the rules and improper behavior, spamming.

3.4 Block user accounts, and additional user accounts.

3.5 Motivate the website users to leave useful and high-quality feedback and downgrade users who violate the website and the affiliate program rules.

3.6 Do not delete reviews in case the user decides to delete their account on the website.

3.7 To change the Affiliate Program Rules in order to improve the program.

4. Affiliate program remuneration:

4.1 Payment to affiliate program members is $0.5 for each review that has been successfully moderated and published on, provided it fully adheres to the affiliate program’s rules on the site.

4.2 Remuneration is paid only after the review is published on and checked by the moderator. For more details see clause 1 of these rules.

4.3 Affiliate program members have the ability to edit and update reviews in their personal account, as well as add documents to them upon moderator request.

4.4 Remuneration is made in a convenient way for participants of the affiliate program. To initiate payment, please contact us via email at [email protected].

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