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MOFT - is an international association of forex traders, which has been operating in the forex market since 2010. The main focus of MOFT is the return of part of the spread or commission (rebate payment) to traders working with Forex brokers Through the Unification.

MOFT reviews

The most popular additional services: free legal assistance, contests on demo accounts, affiliate program, author analytics, customer support. MOFT is considered to be the largest community of Forex traders, because the number of its clients has already exceeded 300 000 participants, and the total sum of payments is 10 000 000 000$.

How does MOFT work?

MOFT works with brokers on partnership programs, within the framework of which it attracts new clients to brokers. For this work brokers pay affiliate fees to the Association, which MOFT shares with its clients, returning them 80%, and for some companies even 100% from these payments.

Partner compensation, as a rule, is formed of a part of spread or commission or makes some fixed sum which is paid by the broker for each transaction made by the trader, even unprofitable. Thus, traders working with the brokers through MOFT save on the spread/commission and get back a part of money they have spent on the broker's services. This scheme of work is standard in the Forex market, and also profitable for all its participants. Let's consider it in more detail:

  • MOFT publishes a detailed review of the broker on its website and attracts new clients through its referral link.
  • The broker pays affiliate remuneration to MOFT for this. Due to the fact that MOFT is the largest community for traders, the rebate rates in the Association are considered the most profitable on the market.
  • MOFT shares the remuneration received from brokers with each of its clients - makes payments of up to 100% of a portion of the spread/commission for each trade made, regardless of its outcome.
The scheme of work

Note. Traders cooperate with MOFT through the Association's website, where clients register a personal account, enter their trading account numbers, receive payments on them and withdraw money.

Why is it profitable to work with MOFT?

The main advantage of MOFT is the absence of service fees. That is, for traders the registration on the Union's website and participation in the rebate program is completely free of charge. MOFT also does not charge for the withdrawal of funds or the provision of additional services such as legal assistance, customer support, advice on opening an account with a broker and financial matters, etc. All services of MOFT for traders are absolutely free. IOFT's interest is the part of partner's reward of brokers - 20%. In its turn 80% from this remuneration are received by the clients of the Association.

MOFT job benefits

As a matter of fact, in order to start getting additional profit from Forex trading and legal support a trader does not need anything but desire. MOFT independently organizes the whole process - from the technical implementation of the possibility of opening an account with the broker, the functionality of the Client's Personal Cabinet, the charge of rebate to the withdrawal of funds convenient for the trader payment system or to the trading account.

How to become an MOFT client?

In order to become an MOFT client and get access to all the services of the Association, a trader needs only:

  • Register on the MOFT website.
  • Go to the broker's website using the referral link and open a real trading account there.
  • Enter the number of this account in the "Accounts" section of your personal profile on the MOFT website.
  • Wait for the specialists of the Association to confirm the account, make a deposit and start trading.
How to become a customer

Daily or monthly, depending on the chosen broker, a trader will receive remuneration from MOFT for his/her trading in the form of a refund of part of the spread or commission. Remuneration is credited to the personal account balance on the association's website and from the moment of crediting is available for withdrawal to a payment system or a trading account (also depending on the selected broker). Requests for withdrawal to MOFT are processed within 24 hours daily, Monday to Friday.

Additional services of Traders Union

In addition to the rebate-service, MOFT has a number of additional services, aimed at protecting the rights of traders, training beginners, getting more comfortable working conditions and additional profits on the forex market.

Legal Aid

This service is free of charge for all MOFT members and provides assistance of qualified lawyers in disputable situations arising between a trader and a broker on clients' trading accounts opened through MOFT. The communication with the representatives of the MOFT legal department is carried out by e-mail and by filling out the feedback form.

MOFT contests

This Unification service is focused on training novice traders. It also provides monetary remuneration available for withdrawal. MOFT trader contests are held on a monthly basis on demo accounts, and traders receive cash payments for participation and prizes. This allows beginning traders to get to know all the intricacies of Forex trading in a real trading mode and get paid for their first deposit.

Broker rating

Every month financial experts of MOFT perform audit of the main trading parameters and directions of brokers' work - more than 100 parameters are analyzed. The received data is used to form the rating of forex brokers. Thus, all the clients of MOFT receive actual and objective data on the position of each broker on the forex market.

Affiliate program

Within the partnership program every MOFT client can receive passive income by attracting new clients to the association. The MOFT partnership program has two levels, that is why MOFT partners get remuneration for two referral levels - 10% from the income of the attracted clients (first-level referrals) and 5% from the income of those clients who will be attracted by their first-level referrals.

Forex forum

This service allows traders to communicate with each other, share their experience in the Forex market. Also in the Forum traders can create their own topics and cover there questions they are interested in, ask questions to representatives of brokerage companies and leave feedback about brokers' work.

Author's analysis

This section of the site daily publishes fresh forex analytics, authored by well-known financial expert and analyst Anton Kharitonov. Up-to-date analytical information allows you to react in time to all market changes and adjust your trading strategy for maximum profit.

Customer Service

Every day, from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00 Moscow time online at MOFT there is a client support, financial and legal departments, department of work with partners, as well as technical department. MOFT clients receive answers to their questions by e-mail, chat, on the phone - there is an opportunity to call and place a call-back order. Additionally, MOFT clients receive support on the forum and social networks.


MOFT is a rebate service which is not a broker and does not charge its clients any commissions or fees for its services. Registration on the MOFT website is also free, which means that forex traders, when cooperating with MOFT, do not pay any money to MOFT at all. Such format of work can not be of fraudulent nature by definition. All services offered by MOFT are free for those who trade on Forex, including demo accounts, which completely excludes any fraud or deception on the part of MOFT. A trader doesn't deposit a single cent to MOFT, therefore he cannot lose anything.

Additionally, it is worth noting that MOFT has been successfully operating in the forex market since 2010, day in and day out. Withdrawals, rebate accruals, customer support and every service of MOFT are performed on a daily basis. In view of this it is necessary to state the fact that MOFT is not a fraudulent organization, on the contrary, it has been fulfilling all its obligations to its clients and partners for more than 10 years.

Reviews about MOFT from traders

Reviews of MOFT's work can be found on numerous thematic external resources: forums, blogs, information portals, social networks and feedback sites. The brightest of them we provide an opportunity to review on our website.

MOFT trader reviews

To get your own cooperative experience, register on the Association's website ( and explore all of the MOFT services yourself.

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  • I left a negative review on Alfa Forex on their website. As it should be . Should have sent a letter to my email to confirm my account. Zero. Conclusion. They don’t want to ruin the broker’s reputation with the ensuing consequences. If you don’t trust these pseudo-experts, you won’t be able to foresee them.

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  • Shit service. The broker’s commission is $7 per lot. Of which the partner $2.
    For April I paid $1400 to broker. I received rebate of $171. If I was getting rebate from FXCash I would have got 320. If I transferred to my affiliate account, I would have received $400. In other words, company’s commission is more than 50%!

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