Payment system ecoPayz - what is it?

British ecoPayz payment system allows individuals and businesses to send and receive money in 45 currencies anywhere in the world. Thanks to the multilingual platform, users can easily open an account, make transfers, monitor finances and contact online support.

How to use ecoPayz?

To start using ecoPayz services, you need:

  • just sign in;
  • fill out link form to join the benefit program;
  • verify the account.

All of the steps above will allow you to take advantage of the system without problems, making transactions and ordering cards with minimal fees and increased limits.

ecoPayz: customer reviews

Judging by customer reviews, we can especially note that the money transfer system is characterized by high security and low commissions. Many users appreciate the possibility of money transfers to electronic wallets, bank accounts and ecoCards. Undeniable is also the advantage of interaction with many gambling sites (888, PokerStars, William Hill, etc.) and the availability of transactions in many types of currencies.

How ecoPayz for Forex is used

Through the payment system ecoPayz the user has the ability to make instant deposits to 20 Forex sites. Brokers in the forex market more and more traders are using ecoPayz money transfer services when depositing and withdrawing funds. Transactions of traders' funds through this system are carried out in a short time and with minimal commissions.

Benefits of ecoPayz for binary options

Today, payment through the ecoPayz payment system is available on about 1,100 trading platforms, which include casinos, sports betting, poker and forex. To these you can also add Binary options brokerswhich attracts more customers. ecoPayz guarantees different commissions for binary options with fast and free integration of the payment platform.

Participation in the ecoPayz + Weenax program

If you join the ecoPayz + Weenax program, you can enjoy the benefits of the system on more favorable terms. These include:

  • Accrual of 1% cashback from any deposits;
  • free MasterCard in three currencies to EEA countries;
  • free transfers (commission - 0%) within the system;
  • accelerated verification;
  • personal prompt assistance;
  • increased limits.

In the table let's compare the conditions for obtaining statuses in ecoPayz:

Status User Weenax Typical user
Gold You can get the status immediately after verification of identity and address To get the status you need:

  • Verify your identity and address;
  • verify the bank card;
  • Make a deposit of 5000€ or 2500€ with your credit card;
  • Have a Silver ecoAccount for 30 days;
  • make purchases for 2500 € (or the equivalent amount in foreign currency).
VIP After depositing 10,000€ To get the status you need:

  • owning Platinum status for 30 days;
  • make purchases (deposits) of 250,000€.

How do I sign up for ecoPayz with Weenax?

To register in the payment system ecoPayz you need:

1. Go to to the registration page of ecoPayz and fill in the fields with valid information - subsections "Account information" and "Personal information" (in transliteration), click on "Create account". An account activation email will be sent to your email address.

2. To connect your account to the ecoPayz + Weenax program and take full advantage of the system, fill out the form here.

Because the entire list of possibilities of the ecoPayz payment system account can be available only after verification, we recommend reading this procedure below.

Verification of ecoPayz account?

To access all functions ecoPayz accounts the user needs to be verified. Weenax clients' accounts are verified within one business day, after which they are immediately assigned Gold status. For comparison, regular users are assigned Silver ecoAccount after verification, which takes several weeks.

Verify an account in the ecoPayz payment system in two steps.

The 1st stage involves verification of identity with the following documents of your choice:

  • An internal passport with a picture of the main spread with a photo.
  • A driver's license scanned on both sides.
  • ID card scanned on both sides.

The 2nd step is to verify the address in ecoPayz by selecting one of the documents below:

  • A utility bill with your first and last name and address, which must match the one listed at registration.
  • Bank statement with the address, full name, bank stamp and signature of the bank employee.
  • Another document with which you can confirm your residential address.

How do I withdraw money from ecoPayz?

Withdrawal in ecoPayz payment system is possible only after verification and upgrading your account to Silver. You can request withdrawal at any time in the "Withdrawal of funds" section, where you need to specify your bank account details. Usually the request is processed within 3-5 days. Withdrawal to ecoCard is also possible with ecoPayz account. This option is available only for Eurozone residents.

ecoPayz limits

Transaction limits in ecoAccount depend on the account level. The higher the level, the higher the spending limits and the more additional benefits of using the account.

Classic Silver Gold Platinum VIP
Transfer merchant per day 1,000€ 15000€ 20000€ 25000€ 30000€
Total limit for the whole term 2,500€ No restrictions No restrictions No restrictions No restrictions
Maximum account balance x 15000€ 100,000€ 120000€ No restrictions

The ecoPayz card in Russia

It has recently come to light that ecoPayz payment system has restricted the operation of ecoVirtualcard and ecoCard outside the euro zone. As of August 2018, valid cards of users residing in Russia, Ukraine and other countries outside the EEA will be cancelled. Ordering cards in these countries has already been unavailable since May 2018.

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