The Story of a Pedagogical University Student

Published:26 June 2017 Updated:4 January 2024

A student at a pedagogical university was expelled for failing grades and truancy… Meanwhile, the girl worked her way up and managed to earn a million rubles!

The story begins traditionally, a young girl for non-attendance is expelled from the university. It would seem that such cases are everywhere, no one is surprised by the freedom of young people, but this story has a continuation. Tatiana Serik, that’s the name of the heroine, was able to earn a year to a million rubles. It was not difficult and now Tatiana agreed to share her secret of success with our readers.

The argument for the expulsion of Tatiana from the list of students of the pedagogical university was her frequent absences. “The attendance log shows that the student Serik simply did not come to class for almost a year, this is unacceptable,” said the rector of the university. They tried to talk to the girl, tried to find out the reason for absence from lectures, Tatiana dryly commented on her actions by her busyness and work.

At the same time, many of Tatiana’s friends and fellow students periodically met her at parties in expensive clothes and noticed the girl’s new expensive car. Where did the young girl get such a sum of money?

Tatiana’s answers to our questions follow.


How to become a millionaire? Or what to do to make a steady income?

Higher education in our time is considered compulsory, but I believe that these are stereotypes of the post-Soviet past. It was not my idea to enter a pedagogical university, rather I did not want to disappoint my mother. The specialty is not the most interesting and, as everyone knows, there are no hidden prospects, working as an educator. And I did not want to earn a penny and live paycheck to paycheck, I am alien to this conservative approach. That’s why I decided that it was necessary to look for options and part-time work to dress nicely and have fun. I should tell the truth, that I tried to work in a cafe after graduating, I wrote some articles, but it didn’t bring much money. Everything changed when I read on the Internet that you can earn money without leaving home. The opinions of people on the net interested me and I began to read all about trading in binary options. In fact, there is plenty of information on the Internet about trading and there is a lot of unnecessary information. I’ll tell you what helped me to understand all the basic concepts and features, in a short period of time.

On average, I now earn about 20,000 rubles a day, sometimes more, working four or five hours a day.

Screenshot from my trading account:



Do you still plan to get an education?

Yes, I have plans to study, but my specialty will obviously not be pedagogy, and I want to get a degree outside of Russia. What am I doing for this? – As long as I earn money to study abroad and learn foreign languages, it will definitely come in handy.

From the Editor. Student Tatiana is just one of the traders BinariumI have a lot of such stories from the broker’s investors. Every day thousands of traders come to the trading platform and start their way, some go the distance, and some confidently move towards the goal.


What are your plans for your first million? Do you have any thoughts on how to spend the money?

There are thoughts and actions on the realization of their profits. I think that you need to manage your finances competently, otherwise there will not be a trace of a million left. Yes, I am a young and beautiful girl, I want beautiful clothes and travel, but I am not going to spend my fortune on this. My first point is to have the capital to study at a European university, about this I have already said, the prices there are somewhat different than in Russia. Secondly, I keep a big sum on deposit with BinariumI don’t stop there, I need to work further, I need to bet in the option, and with my experience, the bigger the bet, the bigger the profit. I also bought myself a car and I want to help my parents financially.


Where do I start to become a successful binary options trader like you?

I traded using Alyona Korneeva’s strategy, I found her blog on the Internet when I was looking for ways to make money. To read her strategy available here.

Just go to the website and register. Opening a trading account is easy and it does not require a big investment, just follow the link, by clicking here.

You now have a window open with the site Binarium and you can safely proceed with registration, I will now tell you in detail what you need to do.

Here on the main page and appeared a window for filling out the registration form:

Everything is very clear. You can choose the currency that you will invest on your first deposit, you need to specify an e-mail address and pick a password to access the site.

When everything is done, just click the “Start Trading” button.

You have already opened a trading account. Let’s go to the personal cabinet.

I will leave a link to the video below, which helped me to understand everything, as promised. The information is accessible, as it seems to me, Alena Korneeva is a famous video blogger, also earns with a broker Binarium.

I hope everything became clear to you after watching the video, you can now try to work and earn at Binarium.

If there are more questions and something is unclear, I will try to explain the whole principle of opening trades in writing, attaching screenshots for clarity.

Registration is complete. The trading account has been funded.

How to deposit your trading account, you will understand right away. There are several ways to deposit the amount, you can use electronic payment systems, and you can use a bank transfer.
To start is enough and the amount of 700 rubles to deposit, I invested more than 2000 rubles.
I managed to make 10 thousand rubles from 2 thousand in just a few days.

How did this happen? Let me tell you.

1. Go to at Binarium to the “Commerce” section:

2. Let’s go to the tab “60 seconds”. This is an interesting trading tool, it allows you to earn almost every minute.

Now we will open trades and make predictions. First we will open the first option. We choose the direction either up or down, it does not matter that much. We will make the first bet of 50 rubles. The second bet in the following option we will choose already in 250 rubles. The result of the first two trades is not so important.

The main thing is the outcome of the third option.

First Bet:

Second Bet:

The third bet: set the validity of the transaction for 90 seconds and wait

The bet on the third deal is 2.5 thousand rubles, you can take 1000. In 98% cases this deal will be profitable.

Let’s see how our option closed. The profit on the deal was 1,700 rubles.

That’s my strategy, everything is simple, the money is earned without difficulty.

If I wrote something I did not understand, or if you need clarification on organizational issues at Binarium, then feel free to contact support managers at to the online chat. Binarium support is available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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  • Tatiana Serik wants to study in Europe. At the same time she wants to dress well, and she has already bought a car for herself, she dances at parties…. And helps her parents… В In St. Petersburg and Moscow, such tatians “work” well in well-known underground establishments, and earn really well – as long as the product is fresh they won’t lose their maidenhood. But soon they will – after three or four years – lose the rest of their freshness. But nothing! They are being replaced in St. Petersburg and Moscow yesterday’s schoolgirls who take their place. And these present-day earners move to a more modest position, or return to the to the parents.

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