Bettors Tournament from Vave Casino

Published:11 May 2023 Updated:4 January 2024

Vave Casino has organized a new tournament called Bettors Tournament, which gives players a chance to win a cash prize by playing popular casino games. The tournament is open to all players registered on the Vave Casino website, and participation is automatically activated. Only bets with odds of at least 1.2 are eligible for the promotion. The tournament runs from Monday 9:00 UTC to Sunday 12:00 UTC. During the tournament, players can play participating slot games and earn points, which will then be taken into account in the overall tournament ranking.

Bettors Tournament from Vave Casino

The prize pool for the tournament may vary and depends on the status of the bets. Typically, a portion of the prize pool is distributed among players with the highest ranking, and additional prizes such as free spins, bonuses, etc. may be provided. Taking part in Vave Casino’s Bettors Tournament provides a unique opportunity to win additional cash prizes while playing favorite casino games. Players have an equal chance of success as the ranking is based on points earned during the tournament.

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