Complaint and Feedback on Swis Trade

Published:28 May 2018 Updated:4 January 2024

The complaint came from Irina, from the post: [email protected]

Hello. I want to tell you about another site I got a call from a consultant Philip Makarov and left his Skype. When it happened I couldn’t withdraw my money from StexFxLtd website (complain on our site). I contacted Philip on Skype. Can he help me withdraw the money. He transferred me to the alleged lawyer Ruslan. The lawyer registers me fraudulently. We deposit 200 euros. The next day I pass verification I send them the documents.

The analyst Dmitry Mikhnov calls. I tell him in watt sap that I need a refund from another site. Dmitry allegedly withdraws money to my account on the site. Says he needs to make 40℅ of the amount. And the money allegedly we put on the withdrawal. We also opened a deal for 100 euros. So that there was nothing suspicious.

In 5 days the money was supposed to fall on my card. After 5 days, the money did not come to the card. Calls me allegedly interbank and the man shouts at me your money hangs on the interbank they need to withdraw. I am not in a state of abnormality. I told him I didn’t have any more money. This man shouts at me forces me to go online to sberbank draws up a very fast loan online for 80,000 rubles. Then he transfers the money to the swis trade website.

I did not have time to understand what happened. Sberbank missed the transfer. Further interesting man from the interbank bank said I finished everything now rbi employee will contact you. The employee allegedly called me. Says we are now finished. I need you to transfer a deposit to your card. I said it’s not my money. The employee says the money won’t go anywhere and that it should be transferred to the card. I transferred the money. The employee said that I should disable the system. It turned out that we had disabled the Sberbank system. He told me to press f4 and then f5 keys. And transferred the money to the site. Told me not to worry your money will come back. Told me to confirm the declaration. I told him clearly that I couldn’t do it today, as it was already ten o’clock in the evening. We agreed. The next day I get another call from the interbank. And a security man by the name of Kharitonov. Yells at me that my money is hanging on the interbank, it is necessary to repay the spread of 1000 euros. I told him that I repaid the spread yesterday. He told me that nothing had been repaid.

After a while, when I came to my senses a little bit. I wrote to them that you are scammers. Give me back my money. They gave me a credit card from Sberbank. This card showed up in my online bank. I managed to block it. I don’t know who was supposed to get this credit card. From this site suffered a lot of people the amount of 20000-2000000 rubles. The police do nothing.


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