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Published:11 November 2016 Updated:4 January 2024

Abay Abishev wrote the complaint from the post: [email protected]


Hello, I am asking you to deal with Rocketoption broker, at first I made a deposit of 400 dollars with them. At first the trader specialist helped me, everything was going more or less fine, but periodically they asked me to deposit more, I did not agree, when they realized that the deposit will not be included in my trading robot, which has lost my entire deposit.

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  • A similar story happened to me, as well as others, I lost in one day $ 1200, find to contact the support service, the results did not give any results, can anyone tell me if there are such organizations that help to return the lost money. I have three other brokers with the same success.

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  • I too was scammed for 501 dollars, as under hypnosis I withdrew the money, although I was always careful.
    If anyone got their money back, please write to [email protected].

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  • People are looking for an opportunity to exist on the crumbs of pension accrual equal to alms and fall into the clutches of swindlers who do not hesitate to take the last of them crumbs from many children or sick people without a shame under the pretext of helping them earn money for 10% of contributions. Explaining this with services where they are interested to increase profits. After all the enticements, they spin us to increase the balance for any fantasy bonuses knowing that the money will not be returned. After after my money was drained, I was looking for a way to compensate – closed on all sides and through banks and regulators other than settling with them on the good – because they control the program of price drawing on the chart and accordingly profitable deals. I threw in another 200 bucks and promised to increase it The deposit will be made soon, but in the meantime, we will fix the lost money on this amount. I openly offered Volkov 50% of the deductions from trading and let him invest more. and he’ll take his and his bonuses. He didn’t fall for such a tempting offer, saying that he and his family were being watched and all that was not for him. Having traded 300 bucks and not wanting to add more, I put the whole amount for withdrawal. He got nervous and calls and texts, and I changed my password to log in and Waiting – now I wanted to make fun of him. On the third day I agreed to a conversation ( I decided to videotape the whole thing ) He announced that he would not allow a withdrawal. until we trade on hedging at 60 sec or on investment portfolio – was talking nonsense to a fool and at the same time dictating trades naturally all 100% in the

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  • God is his judge, Not me Not you No one is immune to disaster.

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  • God grant them happiness and good luck!!!

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  • Anyone interested in joining a class action lawsuit to ? Write to me, we will try together to get our money back. Natalia [email protected]

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  • do not believe that you will get an increase in your contribution (deposit), especially do not get involved with bonuses, they must be “worked off”, do not rely on the specialist who you, as if you are led. I invested 660 dollars with a bonus of 1480 dollars all of this evaporated in 24 hours, left 95.5 dollars, which I can not withdraw, because I did not work off the bonus. so I was “screwed”.” Softly laid, but hard to sleep.” I believed it. LOSHOTRON

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  • It’s a scam. It’s a scam. It’s a scam. Don’t believe it. I was scammed out of $660 dollars, and my pension plus my allowance was gone.

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  • crooks

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  • If you have been scammed by a couple of Mark Levin and Alexander Valerievich, let’s unite in the fight against these crooks. Write [email protected]

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  • What is there to say, (although I took my invested, but the earnings will definitely not give them back) – one of them (although he introduced himself as a left-handed person) just who wants to help and get a percentage of my profits), told me to open trades that he would say, to demonstrate what he can do. I did, then he got distracted, and one of mine closed in the negative, so I kind of told him where is his plus. He’s puzzled, and he says, “I’ve got a plus one. the deal closed. In a few seconds I go to the history, and this deal is no longer there)))). And there were many other nuances where he “got caught”. I told him that for now I won’t withdraw my earnings, I won’t deposit a penny. At least the $100 invested was withdrawn

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    • Nekto 27 January 2017 at 13:26

      And you can take the invested money if you opened a bonus or to even return the deposit, without a bonus will not work. What about the card, guys? I called the bank, they say it’s impossible without CVV. They ask to close it. Visa won’t let me make a minus, they won’t give me a loan without a live one either… Does verification threaten anything? I’ve always made transactions through Yandex Mani – everything’s fine. And this platform does it through it. Clarify who is not difficult

  • If you looked at the mail you would have found the letter, how to put a loss limitation and so on, but even if you passed this exam on lice and in time. disabled or restricted robots would further offer you copy trades with an account named Martin or similar where at any time of day or night robots drained your deposit in 10 minutes by making about a hundred deals. Know this warning all – this is a clear drain on your dough and you will not be able to continue. Interested in this site (especially if you are going to withdraw funds and said it out loud) For new entrants, I would add that bonuses – it’s an irresistible bondage for the inexperienced and until you work off 30 times the money is not withdrawn at all. At this stage, I do not recommend draining a try to run it through the regulator

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    • Alevtina Kelyshtikova 24 January 2017 at 16:10

      Tell me how to withdraw my money, get mine back through the regulator?

    • Nekto 25 January 2017 at 10:43

      Tell me, is psaport data and visa card any negative point carries that left – sent to the caliper?

    • Marsiya 26 January 2017 at 09:56

      I am also very interested in this question. Since very insistently inquired whether there are loans, whether I made purchases. It is clear that they have already raked in money, and if they also take out loans in your name, you can only hang yourself

  • I got to through….. the phone numbers were the same… Anyway, it’s the same gang– they go by different names–
    they all fictitious: Alexander Samokhvalov (allegedly from Belgium),
    Kristina Shegay (or some other girl – supposedly support) calls beforehand, all of them are on Skype, including Alexey Sotnikov – appears as CFO, Dmitry as his deputy, also Gleb, Peter Dubinin, etc….. despite I have a large family, my husband had a stroke, my grandmother is disabled, my job is up, I’m in debt, I’m in debt, and I have had to find some source of income… I explained my situation… I was listened to very attentively and found common life situations, promised that now we will start paying off our debts….. And then after a month of work (supposedly super profitable New Year’s Eve contracts !!! ), when I became a to order money before the New Year to close the credit card, which I was persuaded to open, having collected all the money from the other cards, including. pensions of my invalids!!!, my broker disappeared, a supposedly financial director appeared, who in front of my eyes drained 1600$ in a few minutes !!!! And all The site buttons did not respond to my clicks (site-fake, 25 December, when all exchanges were standing, on Rocketoption all the charts were going, and A.Samokhvalov said, what it is, so people don’t get scared….) Then since I started calling all the phones – A. Sotnikov appeared… Anyway, he promised to sort it out after New Year’s Eve.

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    • Anatoliy 20 January 2017 at 16:31

      I have analogmail shpilewag@mail.гцичная story I am ready to cooperate with you
      [email protected]

    • Mariya Bariynaya 4 May 2017 at 18:58

      Olga, time’s running out, do a chargecheck. I’ve refunded the money.

  • I also got on the money in this company looking for an opportunity to return the deposit I propose to cooperate my mail [email protected]

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    • Anna Yakovleva 16 January 2017 at 13:47

      I got caught, how can I get my money back now? Who will help? Volkov Alexander, the best broker.

    • Petr 21 January 2017 at 13:27

      If you do not do anything yourself, no one will help you! I returned the money through a law firm and I will tell you that these crooks from rocketoption will resist to the last…. Now we are trying to recover moral damages from them… I feel it will not be easy! If you want to get your hard-earned money back too, write to [email protected] and I will refer you to lawyers.

  • WARNING!!! just drained my 2700 on bots !!! i’m fucked

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  • don’t fall for it, it’s a total scam. Forced to make a deposit, and then safely drained

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  • I’m totally on board.

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  • I was cheated for 100 dollars, as under hypnosis, with my own hands entered the number and code of the card, in the end my pension floated away.

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    • Galina Safonova (Konkina) 7 December 2016 at 15:44


    • Hamzya 21 December 2016 at 06:20

      In this office sit scum on scum. They are the lackeys of European bandits, Russians steal from Russians for the benefit of foreign swindlers. No honor, no conscience! So, do not get in touch!

  • It’s a real asshole. Don’t mess with it.

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    • Vlad 22 December 2016 at 13:09

      How was that determined?

  • opened a position for growth in the red candle for 15 min closed in the green candle and I incurred a loss. That’s the program.

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