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Published:2 October 2018 Updated:4 January 2024

The request to search for reviews came from Dmitry, from the mail: [email protected]

Subject: Rock Capital Markets (no information about this company anywhere)

Hello. Please tell me what kind of company Rock Capital Markets is, here is the website (

There is no information about them anywhere. I’m thinking of paying a little more. They don’t pressurize me, they tell me to see for myself. So I’m trying to find out about them.

Thank you!!!

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  • ja otkrito skazuu sto Rock capital markets gramatnie zuliki kotorie visasivaju dengi i v dalgi zagonajut nevkoem slucae nesvazivajtes ani mena zagnali v dolgi, i said xoces deneg snat so svoego sceta jesce vnesi !?!? kakvernut moi cesno zarabotanie dengi podskazite?

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  • Do not transfer anything! If something has already contributed, then try to withdraw, and then you’ll quickly realize that this is a scam! After all, to withdraw money to your account is not provided here:(.
    And their license is a fake! I personally contacted the Vanatu commission by mail. Who does not believe it, check it yourself:

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  • I wanted to leave a review of Rock Capital Markets a long time ago and thank them for the quality services they provide. I personally had different situations with the broker both good and not so good. Once I even raised my voice at the manager, but then I had to apologize because I was wrong. The main thing is that the broker should be as reliable and honest as Forex. Then all situations will have a logical explanation.

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    • Roman 18 November 2018 at 18:07

      Alex, you are also a member of this company of crooks. You wrote a review only to have another gullible person give up all his, probably his last, money.

      People do not fall for it! This is pure fraud! And there is nothing to do with trading!
      The money can be transferred unilaterally-only to the account of these scammers. You won’t get anything back, that’s the end! Site support group will first “dynamite” you, such as: “On our site, temporary technical problems. And then completely ignore will be.
      The scheme is the same as here, only the name is different:
      I hope you’ll all answer for your dirty deeds soon…

  • Divorce

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