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Published:20 September 2016 Updated:4 January 2024

The complaint was sent by Guzel from the post: [email protected] (review) does not withdraw money, by type of account (there is a gradation of accounts) transactions are insured for a week. Now this insurance is justified, allegedly it is a bonus, although I informed that I am categorically against various bonuses, because if necessary, the money will not be withdrawn. On what I received assurance that this insurance without workout. Also, under the terms should accrue 2% to my account from my turnover. There is no accrual and the conditions are not met. Clients potential and existing clients are guaranteed strict compliance with all terms and conditions because they allegedly applied for a license a year ago, which does not exist. Consider, please. I would be grateful for a detailed comprehensive response. I am for honesty.

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  • Everything is clear with – a fraudulent company! Broker Y. Levandovsky with the director of brokerage department V. Kargin drained my money from the deposit by 100% at absolutely “strange” rates and closing prices in their favor. It is useless to address to Chargeback – there are their own swindlers there too.
    Question: who appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs with an application to open a criminal case under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation? Are there any results? Write in a private message.

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  • Good day to all. I was also thrown -LOTTMARKET from the beginning entered into confidence in small transactions helped to get into the soul. Because I am a mother of many children with debts. wanted to get out of a difficult situation. Under their chants, I got further in. There was a PAMM account with a strange initial design. There was a date of termination already for the past year. They said there was a glitch. When PAMM was supposed to come back, three extra days passed. Let’s say it was a weekend. Then their employee calls me and quickly offers a deal on bitcoins in a hurry and says that in any case everything is insured. Lived for 2 days on the nerves in the end all drained and himself drained. Then He contacted me and said to deposit the insurance money and get it back. Then the account resumed on the screen, but no way to withdraw it. The withdrawal says it’s a bonus from the firm, I have to work it off. 2700 times 40 =180,000 dollars I have to work. That’s crazy.

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  • The company is good and at the same time I lost 5000 dollars with them, and I lost them because of their analyst’s advice. Many times I wrote to my broker and technical support to get my money back, but in response there is silence! Let’s unite and fight with them, add in Skype mopo3ob12345 or write to [email protected], we will look for a solution to this problem. Since I believe that I am not the only one who has suffered from this company.

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  • I fell for the bait of paid signals, where they demanded to open an account in Lottmarket, it was worth throwing money there and signalers stopped coming out to communication, half a year later I applied for withdrawal of my 170 dollars without making a single trade, immediately became rude and demanded to trade two trades. sessions with the analyst, saying it’s a gift and I should kiss their feet for such an honor, and I’m such a fool I don’t understand my happiness and the conclusion is that is not possible without these two trading sessions of 10-15 trades and I am sure I will get them, so I do not remove the application for withdrawal.
    My account: 1209041

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  • They’ll give you a bonus without asking and you won’t see your money. Support will give you a huge fat fuck about it.

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  • The same nonsense, invested in them though not much 110 dollars, the trade did not go and decided to withdraw back their 110 dollars, with the calculation that first went up, and then moved down to the same amount, well I think I will withdraw that invested, but HORROR, the money from the deposit withdrawn, the deposit is 0, and the money has not returned, BITCHES, and the most frustrating that there is no control on them!

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  • Friends !.Run away from this broker-fraud-LOTTMARKET, as soon as possible!!!! If you get in touch with a certain Paul Belsky or Alexander Grigoriev you can safely send them to X…..!!!
    Now I will briefly outline their fraudulent scheme that thousands of novice traders have fallen for (including including me)
    There is such an X….lo guru Vitaly Martynov (remember the name of this scum) About himself he says so: “I am an Analyst and Investor on the LOTTMARKET trading platform”
    The true function of this analyst is to deliver to the market with the help of his website and YouTube channel. to a fraud broker for gullible investors (of course by his min.entry 250$).
    In his fake video clips he shows his “T.S. 1-2-4” thanks to which he easily, in 2 hours, raises $ 200-300$ and calls to be trained by him on Skype, where he will give another super-muper T.S. “Storm”
    In fact (after you transfer the agreed amount of money to the LOTTMARKET scam broker) you will get “Dead Donkey Ears”.
    No, he’s not. you will be given a volume indicator and recommendations to trade on it using “MARTIN” (just think about it, including the sixth knee) Oh…gee, not stand up!
    And most importantly, if you dare to ask him an uncomfortable question, he will immediately exclude you from Skype chat forever.
    I, for example, was banned from the chat only for the fact that I put to withdraw my honestly earned 350$ In short, a complete scam!!!
    My request for withdrawal is being processed, about 3 hours.

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  • The complaint came from the following post: [email protected]


    My name is Oleg Fortuna.

    I would like to tell you about today’s situation, and about the LottMarket company

    Wo attached are screenshots of the LottMarket platform and my trading account on this platform.

    As you can see there is a screenshot 36 hours before closing the bet, where you can see bet amount 20 000 $ on USD/RUB and accordingly strike price 63.581

    And today 16.11.2016 at 11:05 the bet should have closed and clearly in the plus and with a good margin.
    One more screen shows that at 11:04 it was not possible to enter the platform, because the allegedly incorrect data!!! although if you if you’re using
    Google Chrome, you realize that this is an automatic login and password.

    To say that I felt something wrong is not to say anything.
    Bottom line, when I managed to log in to the platform, you can see on the screenshot that the option closed in the negative, closing price 63.439

    Now I decided to open TradingView Chart and to see what was at 11:05, and as you can see on the screen,
    you can see that the price at 11:05 is at its lowest at 65.3158.

    You can see the bottom line, the bet is in the negative and the broker’s machinations are evident.

    Now I have almost $11,000 on the platform and I realize that they will not let me withdraw it.

    During the day, I read where write that bets are closed in a strange way and of course in the minus, do not withdraw money.

    I have a video of webinars where bets were made in real life of the time, and you can see that the bets were going down,
    someone would complain in chat and they’d be removed from chat.

    I want to make it clear to everyone that LottMarket

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  • It’s the same situation with me.

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