Complaint and Review of Invest Absolute

Published:11 February 2020 Updated:4 January 2024

The complaint came from Elena, from the post: [email protected]

Subject: Broker prevents the withdrawal of money

Joined invest absolute (website: with 150$, a few days later added another 200$. They showed me how everything works. I had a small income. I was assured that I needed more for the turnover, so I added another 3700$.

All was going well, until the oil market sagged and the last trade went into a big deficit. On the trader’s recommendation, I took out insurance, and the loss was closed. It seems that everything was fine. The most interesting thing started when I tried to withdraw funds.

They threatened to block my brokerage account for a year if I don’t pay the full amount of the commission on the profit. Now! Within 24 hours! I did. Withdrawn on the brokerage account. No money was received on the bank card.

I received an e-mail saying that there was an interbank error and to fix it I must again urgently deposit half of the withdrawable amount… And only then I will be happy. If I do not do it my brokerage account will be blocked this time for 571 days.

And then I will be penalized… Even though nothing criminal was done on my part. Help. Need advice – how to behave in this situation?


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