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Published:10 December 2019 Updated:4 January 2024

The complaint came from Natalia, from the post: [email protected]

Subject: Broker scammer

Hello. My name is Natalia. I would like to know the opinion of professionals. Please tell me if Fxcoins exchange ( is fraudulent?

I was swindled out of a large sum of money there. They are in no hurry to withdraw the money. All the time there are various excuses…

They are driving me into debt, as if they are lending me for two days. In two days I have to pay them back the amount of the loan.


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  • I was lured into this sharashkin office with 250$.
    I earned $80 in three days through a remote access program with an “assistant” before I knew it. deposited another $12,753.
    Of which 5000 dollars are credit. My assistant called me and told me which trades to open, and when I asked him to teach me how to open them me, he would raise his voice that I didn’t need it and that’s how I earn money, and he kept saying that there were Tesla and Apple stocks that always are growing.
    But after 2 months in the evening I went to look for open transactions – found that the account is 0.
    And no one is in touch with me!!! I applied to the bank and wrote an application and nothing helped me.
    I applied to the NES office and Shield and Sword, both of which took prepayments and no refunds. I only had to fill out some paperwork and wasted my time.
    In the end, I shared my grief with an acquaintance and they recommended me a man who eventually and gave me a refund!!!
    If anyone needs help, email me at [email protected] I’ll share my contacts, because as I understand it. there are a lot of deceptions and scams and people like me from ignorance trust such bastards!!!!

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  • Attention! To all traders who are on the hook of the fraudulent kitchen FXcoins and everyone who is going to earn with them. They are crooks-psychologists, It’s easy to get into trust and spin them into bigger and bigger sums, and then drain them. Take what you have if you can and run. Familiarize yourself with real the cases in these links:

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  • It’s not a stock exchange, it’s a regular kitchen broker!

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