Complaint and Feedback on EQMarkets

Published: 25 January 2017 Updated: 22 April 2023

The complaint came from Soya Svetlana Viktorovna from the mail: [email protected]

Hello. Not so long ago I succumbed to the enticements of EQMarkets brokerage company ( which actively advertises itself (through frequent phone calls) and promises profits without any investments and risks with the support of highly professional consultants. After making a deposit they gave me a login and password.

Only after registering and making a deposit was I able to read the terms of the contract. They do not provide any other opportunity. Apparently they do it on purpose. I started trading, sticking to the consultant's advice.

At first there were not bad results, but when the profit was formed, with the help of the same consultant everything was "drained" overnight. And in a market that was closed to me. On the website the company writes very modest information about itself, referring to another company. Allegedly brokerage services are provided by AAA Trede Ltd.

Question: What is the connection between these brokerage companies and to whom should I make a claim now? The company EQMarkets assured that my money was really withdrawn to the Forex market. How can I verify it? I am sure that the money did not participate in real trading, but settled in the pockets of these scammers. And they used MT4 platform, with the possibility of manipulation by the broker to mislead people. There are about 40 other victims that are known to have been contacted. I am sure there are many more. I ask you to investigate the fraudulent activities of the companies I have mentioned. There are a lot of positive reviews about them on the Internet, I'm sure left by employees of these companies, as the negative ones are annulled. How to fight this?

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