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Published:27 January 2017 Updated:4 January 2024

The complaint came from Alexander from the post: [email protected] This company swindled all the money out of 8650 USD. The money was transferred by VISA and MASTERCARD. They write that the company does not have its own regulatory body. How can I get my money back?

Another complaint came from lenka krugliak from the post: [email protected]

Hello I have this problem:

I started to work with binary options company BinaryUno, invested 5000 euros, broker Vladimir Bagrov started to work with me, everything was fine at first, but then when it was time to withdraw my earnings alas the same day he put all the money from my deposit on bets in large amounts and all the trades were lost.

The next day I contacted another broker Sergei Korolev and said that he would continue to work with me, but to my deep disappointment, all repeated in 2 times worse than the first time, without checking the market Korolev managed to lose all deals of 4000 euros, and now the deposit of 100 euros and I have to do retro insurance in the amount of 5000 euros to return their investment!

Advise me what to do?

Naturally, I’m not going to invest that amount again, because there is no trust, and one disappointment, I do not know how to get my money back????


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  • Don’t put more money in any case, but think about it. You don’t have time, you don’t have any time, you don’t have to lie. You have to start repaying the money. Otherwise they won’t leave you.

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  • Then Tina Lieberman and some other men called. All of them repeatedly persuaded me to find $1,000 and transfer it to them. I went to I went to different banks for advice and was told that they were criminals and that I should go to the police. I went to the police and was told that they were not crooks, and they’re not going to deal with them. The investigator told me that I was interfering with the police work with such appeals. I appealed to the tax inspectorate and they do not know anything about such firms. People from BINARIUNO kept calling me until December 2017, persuading me to find and transfer $1000. Я canceled. Can I get back the 250 dollars I lost there? I would like to add that the people from BINARIUNO are very persuasive in personal communication, they pressurize the painful places for Russian people (we know that salaries and pensions are small, prices are high and so on, We can’t be crooks, because look what a good site we have with links to training, you lost 200 dollars, but we did not disappear as scammers do, and continue with you to work, just transfer the money. It is simply impossible to argue with them on the phone, they throw ironclad arguments at me, they just pour it on and you’re just so uniquely unlucky.

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    • leonid 23 August 2018 at 17:29

      I got scammed out of 250 dollars, too. They’re all scammers.

  • I saw an advertisement” Want to make money”, followed the link and registered. I got a call from Ivanna Kusarets. (Then other girls called too Nadia Gordon, Tina Lieberman, sometimes men also called, but I don’t remember their names, and the e-mail messages were sent by these girls. During the conversation, Ivanna convinced me that everything was fair and that only 250 dollars would be enough. She helped me make the transfer through a bank credit card. Я wired the $250 in credit cards. Then Nadia Gordon called. She said,” $250 is for trading with a robot, for serious trades you need to 1000 dollars” Nadia persistently persuaded me to take a loan or borrow such money, citing positive examples from her practice. I refused. She said then play with the robot and hung up. I lost 45 dollars on the robot. I wrote messages to Nadia Gordon on e-mail and on the website. She contacted me, I decided to take the rest of the money. 22.09.2017 Nadia said that it was a very good, just a wonderful day for trading on the in the stock market. She and I bet my 200 dollars on oil. Then I found out I’d lost my money. Nadia didn’t even apologize. She convinced me that there was insurance system, but it only works with $1,000. I was convinced that if I transferred at least 1000 dollars to their account, the money would pour in a river. Convinced me to find and transfer $1,000 dollars to the firm’s account.

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  • Do not make a deposit to this company under any circumstances!!!! I believed it too, they were praising some new super robot that doesn’t give blunders. I deposited for $250. As soon as they had the money, the impertinent manager began to say that this amount was not enough, you need at least $1000. I said no. He started I refused again, and offered to use the card on their website, offering to use the card on their website. I refused again, I offered on their He said he doesn’t work with people like me. He said that he doesn’t work with people like me, he has a lot of clients with 50$-100$ thousand-dollar trades there’s no point in wasting time on me and my 50p income. He pretended as if he was offended by my greed, drained 150$ quickly, and Then he sent me to the robot with the words – “Go and work on the remaining 100$ on your robot yourself”. I ignorantly lost $75 on 60-second trades. I was left with 25$ in my account. The manager called again and started to persuade me to deposit 1000$. I naturally did not make a deposit, as I had already I had a negative experience. Later I received a call from Ada Ivanovna, the financial director, who began to persuade me (within an hour) to invest in a deposit on a friendly tone urgently 1000$, wake up the account and start earning big. When she heard back that there was no more money, she called me a stupid person and left me. the tube. I have a very negative impression of this company.

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    • Yuriy Kozlov 4 July 2018 at 06:32

      I would like to add that in personal communication people from BINARIUNO are very convincing, they press on painful places for Russian people (we know that salaries and pensions are very low). small, prices are high and the like, We can’t be scammers, after all look at what a good site we have with links to training, you lose out 200 dollars, but we did not disappear as scammers do, and continue to work with you, just transfer the money. Arguing with them on the phone it’s just impossible, they just throw ironclad arguments, they just throw positive examples from their practice, and you’re just like that. uniquely unlucky

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  • Guys! Do the Chargeback! It’s the only way! Return payment in the bank, it works, in many cases banks return! The main thing is to correctly and competently, legally justified to describe the problem! Links will not specify (otherwise my comment will be blocked) – find me in vkontakte by name and surname, all free advice!

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    • Grebenshtikov Dmitriy 22 September 2017 at 12:59

      I have a similar problem as all those who write. If there is a possibility to return the money please write to me on e-mail [email protected] . I am not registered in social networks but I have watsap, vyber.

    • Zinaida 27 December 2017 at 11:46

      Chargeback is really the way to go. Don’t give up!!!

  • These businessmen should be dealt with by the police or the police. The fact of fraud is obvious and they should be dealt with by specialists from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
    They deceive and swindle money from not rich people who want to improve their already miserable existence and put them in a desperate situation. This criminal activity must be punished.

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  • Binari Uno. At first “Nikulin” assures that 250 dollars is a burnable sum, nothing will happen to it. If there is no profit, the money will be returned to at the first bell.” Their “Robot” shows an increase. Then none of the phones are answered. Then all sorts of “Inna” and “Marina” call. They ask for more to put it in their account. Turns out the small amount is “burnable.” And “non-burnable” is $1,000. Then the appetite grows. It’s 1500 minimum. Then the profit is higher. If you are unlucky, you will always get your money back. Don’t believe it! It’s the mafia. There are many of them. They won’t give you anything back! They’re you have to sacrifice a lot to feed them. They’re con artists. Not having a license is a smart way to explain it. They’re lying. And you’re gonna be in fools.

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    • Andre 30 November 2017 at 15:58

      Dear fellow citizens!!! Listen to me, do not invest your blood money to these people who have nothing holy and just ELEMENTARY EDUCATION!!! At !!!! I formalized the procedure of return charterback – got my money back, thanks to people, lawyers!!! Analyst Anton is an impudent HAM AND thief!!! we are many deceived, the whole [email protected] write to us.

    • EGOR KIM 17 December 2017 at 09:48

      I have a similar situation as everyone else.They require only to replenish the account for any transaction, and on my question about withdrawal of funds (profit) as if not heard.and so I lost about $ 3000.And immediately removed my Accuant (personal account) from the trading room.Explain what is Chargeback?

  • You, Lenka, will have to go to a good lawyer and to court. Otherwise you will never see your money again. Binary Uno has a professional staff crooks. And all their names are fictitious. For starters, look where this firm is registered, download everything they have on their website. Pull up all your correspondence with them on paper and take it to a lawyer. Otherwise, these scammers will strip you dry. Their ads are fake, but they’re is expensive. Their firm is registered in Seychelles, but re-registration in other countries is possible. The best thing to do is to a lawyer with ties to the FSB. This organization has such equipment that it will detect these scammers in a moment. They have fake SIM cards. Like As if they were calling from England or other countries, in fact these fake brokers are located in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. So without really And stay away from all these binary options. It’s a new casino, taking money from gullible people. Good luck to you.

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  • Hello. I invested in this company. First 250$, then they said I needed another 1500$ and to sign an agreement for insurance and bonuses. Terms and conditions on the site in English, it is impossible to read, no one said anything about the risks. They appointed a financial expert. On 10.08.17 the transaction was scheduled and my money was deposited. The agreement has not been signed yet. Can I somehow cancel the deal and get my money back. There is already 1480$ left. Help if you can. Thank you.

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  • Another complaint came in from Yuri from the post: [email protected]

    Hello! 9.11.16. I deposited 250$ on binaryuno. From the beginning I was cheated by Victoria Tsvetova till 30.12.16. After 13.01.17. another devil from a snuffbox jumped out, named Igor Makarov. As a result, thanks to these bitches I lost $ 8000, joyful call collapsed my plans 26.02.17. Under the contract they promised to withdraw profits once every two weeks, in the end only give – promising golden mountains. In May on the card transferred 16000 rubles, kind cattle …

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  • I am inexperienced in this business, I fell for it just the same way – an easy way to make money. Moreover, at first everything worked fine, but I only asked about withdrawal as I was given more money, and then you will take more at once. I did not add, but also to return nothing has not worked out…I have a neighbor in such a situation, so they advised me – in general to withdraw their investments directly through the lawyers, they all gave them and in three weeks received the money back to the account

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  • Hello! Tell me, has anyone contacted the law firm “Shield and Sword”? I have the same problem, they offer their services.

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  • Hello, I will write briefly. I worked with a broker Inna Nikitina, she convinced me that I can earn if I have insurance for 1800 Euro, at the same time she told me not to be afraid of this insurance is on a permanent basis, if the deal goes into the minus, your amount of 1800 will remain. On the first deal I earned 3150, the same money we invested again and three days later, she wrote me that we went into the minus. I was upset, of course, but I thought that my the amount with insurance was still 1800. And then the broker called me and told me that I had 68 euros in my account. That news hit me over the head. with a sledgehammer. That’s what I earned? Even though I’m on disability with severe injuries, even though I get 1000 euros a month in disability, and left on my own with no money and my kids to feed. And in the end, it turned out to be a scam! I trusted them that I would earn money, so the first time I did, and the second time I did invested, and three days later I was told, alas, you’ve gone under! Let’s make an insurance for 5000 euros then you will earn more every week 1000 euros and the money will go to your account. I got angry and said, “Am I taking money out of a tree? I believed you, you tricked me, but not enough. And at the same time you’re now charging me 5,000 euros, and that’s in my situation? After all, the broker called me several times and asked me what’s up raised money for us to work together? And I was in the hospital, I was operated on three times during these 4 months in the hospital! I’m asking you if I can

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    • Irina Konopljova 12 October 2017 at 19:53

      I also worked with Inna Nikitina, but first I got a phone call saying that I was one of the few people from Estonia who had been offered this, I called Julia Kovaleva, convinced me to deposit $250, said that you can withdraw 50%, and 50% in trades, at first I had a robot, on the 3rd day of money left $ 53 and Then Inna Nikitina got involved and persuaded me to deposit another $750, and then there would be insurance. support 250, and in a week we will reach the turnover and withdraw the money. then we gave support 1200 dollars, after that the trades went in the minus 3 trades. When I was left with no money, Inna stopped contacting me, but then she did not give me any answers. I was emailed that they can offer options for rehabilitation and restoration of trading account on favorable terms with minimal A few days later, Inna contacted me and suggested that we deposit another $2,000 and that we would receive a $2,000 reinforcement from the firm and that $2,000 would be invested in the company. Inna disappeared again, Anna Griffith got in touch with me, and the money invested with her help in transactions went to 0, I have 2000 left on my account, which I was promised that they will not go anywhere, Inna appeared again, and I have already applied for withdrawal. I invested in Apple shares 2000, after the transaction was completed I had 3400 in my account, I was hoping to withdraw the funds, but she said that the turnover had not yet been reached and canceled the withdrawal.

    • Irina Konopljova 12 October 2017 at 19:58

      I also worked with Inna Nikitina, with her help I lost 4000 dollars, I am a pesioner and this is my annual pension, several times my comment was deleted, I can not write in detail, please help me get my money back.

  • Hello I have such a problem December 27, 2016 I accidentally watched a video recording of Korolev Grigory Alexandrovich believed him He passed still Lie detector I invested in BinariUno 1000 dollars My broker was Dmitry Zagorny Things were going well on January 20 Dmitry called and said that the firm had a we already had about $6,000 in the account and we could invest in Tesla Motors, but I still had to add $2,000 When I told him I had there is no such amount and no one to borrow from, he immediately warned me that he was leaving and another broker Sokolov would work with me January 24, 2017 my bonus was $6,145 On January 25, Semyon Azarov called me and again offered to invest another $2,000 along with my bonus and enter the Tesla Motors I also told him I don’t have that kind of money. I suggested he send me my paycheck because on the 25th of every month they have a day. He said it’s later. I told him I had to pay the man I borrowed the money from. But he said let’s make it quick. and started dictating what I should press. Anyway, after pressing these buttons, he said he’d call me in two minutes. And during that time, I received an e-mail confirming that I had contributed $2,250 to the case Then Azarov called and said that I lost, he forgot that he was the one playing, not me. I asked how much we lost, he said it was all $6,000. I didn’t understand. Where did the $3,700 go?

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    • espio 29 January 2017 at 16:14

      Contact me, I can help you

    • Saša N 1 February 2017 at 11:53

      And it seems to me that it is you just and is a scammer, as you denigrate others, and you yourself get others and offer your services.
      Or will you say that it was not you who replied to this address?

    • Saša N 1 February 2017 at 11:55

      And it seems to me that it is you just and is a scammer, because you denigrate others, and you yourself are getting others and offer your services.
      Or would you say that this is didn’t you respond to this address?

      Marieta3 days ago 13:03
      Hello I have this problem on December 27 2016 I accidentally watched a video of Korolev Grigory Alexandrovich believed him He passed another lie detector Invested in the firm BinariUno 1000 My broker was Dmitriy Zagorny Things were going well on January 20, Dmitriy called and said that we already have about 6000 dollars in our account and we are We can invest in Tesla Motors, but I had to add $2,000. When I told him I didn’t have that much money and no one to borrow it from, he instantly warned me that he was leaving and another broker Sokolov would work with me on January 24, 2017 my bonus was 6145 dollars 25 January I got a call from Semyon Azarov and again offered to invest another $2,000 along with my bonus and enter Tesla Motors I told him too that I had a I don’t have that kind of money. I told him to send me my paycheck because it’s payday on the 25th of every month. He said it would be later. said I had to pay the man I borrowed the money from. But he said let’s make it quick so you’ll have more. He said he would call me in 2 minutes, but he didn’t call me for several hours.

    • Oksana Belekova 30 March 2017 at 20:47

      I will help you to return all your funds, in the full amount invested by you personally. Within 3-5 business days, you will return your investment.
      Skype^ kurdik1992

    • Sergey 31 March 2017 at 13:57

      Do not fall for this nonsense!!! I myself have had to deal with returns more than once. Any 3-5 days is out of the question. Several months. It is impossible to withdraw profit at all!!!

    • Mihail 19 July 2017 at 06:43

      and Skype is not Oksana’s….

    • Irinka Grigoryeva 25 April 2017 at 11:46

      I have a similar situation…also borrowed and invested…and as a result the broker lost all the funds…tell me what to do…is it possible to return the money?

    • [email protected] , pišite mne . 11 August 2017 at 20:40

      Irina, write to me. [email protected](Anna)

    • syuzanna 26 April 2017 at 08:25


    • Larisa Frolkova 18 July 2017 at 10:15

      I have a similar situation please help, tell me what to do [email protected]

    • Larisa Frolkova 18 July 2017 at 10:16

      please help me with some advice!

    • ilja 23 August 2017 at 16:11

      dobry den u mena takaja samaja problema vložyl denhy no vyvesti nemohu stop možna delat pomohyte

    • Svetlana Guzanova 19 February 2017 at 07:06

      Absolutely identical situation with Trade12. People are scammers!!!!

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