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    QBF is it a scam? Reviews and description

    April 2, 2019

    Large stockbroker QBF portfolio management (QBF Investment Company LLC) includes the following brands: QB Venture Fund, QBF Asset Management ("QBF Asset Management"). These organizations have been successfully developing investment culture in our country for already 10 years, basing their activity on different interesting projects. The basic purpose QBF - to leave in leaders of the investment market. The company specializes on stock markets The United States, Europe, and Russia.

    The main direction of its activity is trust management of funds and financial consulting. The employees of the organization strive to surprise clients with their professionalism and the quality of the products provided. And yet, how reliable is this brand for cooperation? QBF - is it a scam or a proven project for investing? The review of the company will help us to answer these questions.


    QBF client support

    It is worth considering QBF customer support separately. If you want to ask questions and get an almost instant answer, write to the official QBF Telegram: https://t.me/qbf_support. Support will be especially useful for those who want to take part in IPOs.


    Terms of trading with QBF

    QBF is the official name of stockbrokerThe company has a large number of clients, both private and corporate. As a rule, these are clients with large sums of money. The company was founded in 2008. Its offices are located in several large Russian cities - St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Kaliningrad, Moscow.

    Many years of successful experience is proof of the broker's stability. Its employees are a team of highly qualified specialists in the field of finance and investments. Since its creation QBF has made a great investment start. The lack of competitors in the financial services market has contributed to this. Apart from QBF, not many stockbrokers were providing such services in foreign markets at that time. Over 10 years, the structure of the organisation underwent fundamental changes, a whole group was formed from one company - investment, management and development.

    Is QBF a scam? Trader Reviews

    A significant part of the client group are Russians investing in foreign financial stock exchanges. Most of these users are happy with the products offered by QBF. With the advent of the individual investment account (IIA), the entry threshold to Russian stock market has been reduced. The ability to provide its users with real financial income is a distinctive feature of the broker. For 10 years of activity QBF has received many prestigious awards from the professional community:

    • Financial Elite of Russia Awards: "Fiduciary Management Strategy" and "Anti-Crisis Strategy of the Year," confirming the professionalism of the employees.
    • Best Legal Department 2016 Award.
    • "Best Investment Company of the Year 2015".
    • "Best Investment Strategy of the Year 2014" and others.

    QBF benefits

    Clients (both beginners and experienced investors) are offered asset management. This service is in high demand in the organization. Different methods of management are already tailored to a certain client profile and tasks:

    • Golden Section. The strategy is based on shares of the largest domestic companies. The investor's profit is directly proportional to the growth of the value of high-yielding Russian shares.
    • On demand. The user's profit is focused on the regular income from repo transactions.
    • State guarantee. Conservative method based on profits from investments in OFZ (federal loan bonds);

    CBF trust management packages

    • Upward movement. Profits depend on domestic securities with an increased yield.
    • My Safe. A balanced investment portfolio.
    • Global markets. Profits from investments in the global market (The stock market as a source of profit).
    • Dividend strategy. The use of various instruments to obtain higher profits.

    You can read more about all the strategies on the website qbfam.ru.

    qbfin.ru where it is profitable to invest money

    Corporate clients are offered hedging against currency value fluctuations and transactions on the Moscow Stock Exchange in the repo sector. The investor chooses the most acceptable strategy for him/herself on the basis of the risk/return ratio. Some trading strategies are available as part of the IIM. It can be promptly opened at qbfam.ru. To increase investment returns, tax deductions can be made when opening this account. Employees of the company will help to form a reliable portfolio and offer the best solutions to the client. The term of the IIS is from 3 years.

    qbfin.ru golden section

    The "Reviews" section of the qbfam.ru website presents the most relevant materials on economic and political topics. Here you can also get acquainted with the latest news of the company. It is fair to say that the resource is not very informative, although it contains a lot of information about the brand and documentation. There is not enough information about the features and benefits of online trading, working conditions - all this is available only to registered users. It is also not possible to work on a demo account here in order to learn more about the project. Despite the fact that the company has extensive experience and has built up its reputation, but the resource complicates the credibility of the company, especially for newcomers to the market (training in stock market trading).

    QBF market analysis

    A distinctive feature of the company is the limitation of the maximum risk level of the client - it should not exceed 25% of the amount transferred for trust management. It is clearly stipulated in regulating documents. In case of investment of considerable sums the broker levels out 100% risks, which is also confirmed by documents.

    QBF how to get started with a broker

    Deposit and withdrawal

    The minimum investment amounts are negotiated individually with each client by the company staff. It depends on the service provided by QBF. Funds are deposited by bank transfer from any domestic or foreign bank to the account of the European organization Piraeus Bank. Subsequently, they are forwarded to the American broker LEK Securities. Its reliability is very high. Here QBF opens a digital impersonal account, to which client funds are deposited.

    This was done in order to protect users from the various sanctions that have been so widespread lately. The transaction scheme is quite simple: Russia - Cyprus - United States. Then back to the United States - Cyprus - anywhere in the world. The safety of client funds is guaranteed by the U.S. government corporation, whose activities are controlled by the United States Congress. The amount of insurance is 500 thousand $. As a backup insurance organization, the company QBF itself acts with the amount of about 75 million $. In addition, it has a share capital of 250 million rubles in the accounts of Alfa Bank.


    Complaints about QBF

    Feedback is the user's opinion on cooperation with any brokerage company, and it is extremely important for QBF as well. Company managers are often criticized for cold calls. The calls often duplicate each other and the client is offered the same products by different managers. Some traders believe that the number of financial consultants in the company is somewhat excessive and it leads the brand to unnecessary costs.

    The number of potential customers interested in cooperation with QBF is very high. However, due to the fact that many of them have experienced various "pyramids" and "divorces", they are not ready to contact the company's employees, not ready to trust an uninformative resource. It is from them come the negative reviews in the network (about the long withdrawal, problems with communication, etc.). But mostly it's just words, absolutely not supported by evidence. The vast majority of comments about the project are positive. Investors praise the company's experience, its programs, give examples of asset returns over various time periods and show genuine interest in new products.

    If there are any complaints about QBF, we will be sure to post the information on social media. Sign up to stay up to date.

    Please keep yourself informed about news and complaints. We copy the most valuable information to social networks, so please sign up!

    Regulation and broker's license

    In order to ensure the integrity of the project, let's study the question of whether he has the necessary licenses.


    Broker's license qbfam.ru

    The central legal entity of the project is QBF portfolio management. It holds four licenses from the regulator (Central Bank of Russia): to conduct brokerage, dealer activities and securities management:

    • No. 045-12828-001000 dated 24.12.2009 (securities management).
    • No. 045-12805-100000 dated 24.12.2009 (brokerage services).
    • No. 045-12816-010000 dated 24.12.2009 (dealer services).
    • No. 21-000-1-00968 dated 07.02.2014 (management of investment funds, mutual funds and private pension funds).

    These documents are available on the official website qbfam.ru. Since March 5, 2014 QBF portfolio management is a member of NAUFOR. The authoritative agency "Expert RA" determined the broker's attractiveness rating at the level A.hr - "High level of employer attractiveness"; the same organization assigned to it the reliability rating at the level "A", which is the highest one. Every year QBF is audited by the authoritative accounting and consulting network Baker Tilly.

    KBF User Agreement

    The document regulating the relationship between the investor and the stock broker is called the "User Agreement". It defines the rules of cooperation, obligations and rights of the parties. It also specifies the terms of resolving conflict situations.

    All documentation is available on the website qbfam.ru in the "Information Disclosure" section. Sample documents include brokerage and trust management agreements. The documents describe the regulations of the trust management of securities and securities investment vehicles, as well as all the investment strategies offered by the broker. In the section "Liability of Parties" of the "Contract", for example, there is information in which case the broker will not be liable to the client:

    CBF liability

    The conditions under which each party is liable to the other for actual damages or losses are also clearly spelled out:

    qbfin.ru responsibility

    Cases of force majeure are also taken into account here:

    QBF party liability


    Investigation of QBF

    The abundance of positive reviews, the minimum of negative comments, the openness of the staff in communicating with their clients, the variety of projects - all this shows the reliability of QBF. Therefore the answer "no" is unequivocal to the question: is QBF a scam? The company offers a range of investment services to its clients, guarantees the reliability of their investments, offers more in-demand and profitable solutions for earning, which, of course, is valued by customers.

    We often receive requests to prepare or publish materials that compromise any company. Today it seems that the whole market knows that there are entire exchanges (especially in Telegram) where you can buy negative or, on the contrary, complimentary posts and reviews - we are sometimes mistaken for a resource of a similar profile. We decided to find out how today's information wars on the Internet are conducted, who pays for them, and what goals are pursued. To clarify, let's consider these issues on the example of a recent request to us - an order to place negative information about the investment company QBF.

    Recently, we have received several offers to publish materials "exposing" QBF. The authors of the articles promoted are literally trampling the brand in the mud. Their texts talk about tens of thousands of defrauded customers. Having spent some time investigating open sources, we found out that the financial group has cooperated with several thousand people during 11 years of its existence, so "tens of thousands of deceived" cannot be just technically. The proposed materials also mention criminal cases against the group's leaders - we made an inquiry to the competent authorities and received evidence that such proceedings simply do not exist.

    We wanted to better understand the situation, to understand if there are any customers who have suffered damage from the activities of the company in question. We decided to contact the authors of angry reviews about QBF posted on specialized resources. Now there are a lot of such texts about the financial group. However, most of the accusatory comments seem to have been written with one hand.

    When people are really angry about a brand, they willingly share their bitter experiences. But the majority of Internet users who wrote "denunciatory reviews" about QBF could not be contacted. Only a few responded to our requests in personal messages and emails, and even those did little more than make general statements along the lines of "they screw everybody" and "we do not want to hear about them anymore. None of the people we talked to told us about their negative experience with QBF. People refused to disclose the products they purchased. No one gave an exact amount of losses. Is such behavior characteristic of those who are interested in reimbursing fraudsters? The answer is obvious. Yes, one person may behave strangely, but here we are talking about a whole group of allegedly "defrauded customers.

    It is likely that the materials "exposing" QBF are disinformation. But then the question arises, in whose interests is the information campaign unfolded? After getting acquainted with the activities of the financial group and talking under the guise of potential clients with one of their representatives, we came to the conclusion that the answer to our question lies in the field of affiliate sales, for which in any market there are always corporate wars. In the fall of 2018, QBF introduced the investment product "Eastern. Stable Growth." Sales of the novelty began through the bank's branch network "Eastern.".

    Initially, as you can learn from the official release on the company's website, the product was offered in a small number of pilot branches, then it appeared in several dozen offices. Now the product is available in every representative office of Vostochny Bank. According to the results of 2019 in the conditions of the rapidly growing Russian stock market, "Vostochny. Stable Growth" demonstrated high results - the annual yield was more than 32%. On top of that, an additional 13% of tax deduction income was received by those clients who purchased the strategy through an individual investment account (IIA). Total - 45% per annum. Frankly speaking - this is a very high figure, which is simply not achievable for domestic banks, giving today a maximum of 8-9% per annum.

    Naturally, the strategy "Vostochny. Stable Growth" attracted the attention of a large number of clients and market participants. Sales also grew because the product was sold on the basis of the largest bank in the Trans-Urals and a significant player on the Russian market as a whole. The trust management sector is quite narrow, new clients simply do not appear overnight, especially in conditions of falling incomes. Even the transition of sales specialists from one investment company to another is often painfully perceived by players, because managers often take clients away with them.

    However, changing jobs in sales is a very common phenomenon, with account managers changing brands on average once every three years. The staff turnover is explained by the desire of employees to be rewarded for attracted (to be precise - brought to them) clients. In a word, the joint activity of QBF and Vostochny Bank couldn't help damaging investment companies, which work in the regions as well. In a number of players, the share of sales of commission products decreased from 40% to 20% of the total number of transactions. Banks competing with Vostochniy, which have no similar products in their arsenal, were also affected.

    As it became known to us, some major representatives of the investment industry wanted to establish a partnership with Vostochny Bank, as QBF did, but were refused. Regional banks also approached QBF with offers of cooperation of a similar format, but were unsuccessful.
    Apparently, the next step on the part of competing financial structures was an attempt to put information pressure on the company.

    This led to a wave of negativity toward the brand on the Internet. Unfortunately, unfair competition is still a widespread phenomenon on the Russian financial market, and we have no choice but to help companies affected by black PR. For example, with such investigations that show the underside of Russian "business journalism.

    As a bonus to our investigation, we offer approximate estimates of the cost of creating and promoting materials that defame a competitor. Fees for the preparation and publication of posts range from several thousand rubles to several thousand dollars. The price tag depends on where the text will be placed in the future - the higher the traffic of the community, forum, or Telegram channel where the text will be placed, the higher the cost of services.

    To distribute information in social networks and messengers (most often the purchase of advertising is done in packages) you will have to spend at least 20 thousand rubles, and the cost of the package can be up to tens of thousands of dollars if we are talking about popular sources with a large number of subscribers. In order for the PR campaign to be successful, it is necessary to engage a specialist to supervise the process or to use the services of an appropriate agency. This costs another 50-100 thousand rubles. So for those who say "the Internet is full of cheap lies," we suggest that you think seriously about the appropriateness of the term "cheap.

    The conclusion from the story with the articles and reviews about QBF is quite banal - not everything written on the Internet should be taken at face value. A company's reputation on the market today is its most valuable asset, so suddenly there may be a line of people who want to stir up the brand that disturbs them. All the money spent on black PR is spent by financial institutions trying to get their clients' capital by any means. In this situation we can recommend only one thing: do not believe everything they say and write. Recheck the information yourself, talk to the representatives of the company and make your own conclusions. This is the only way you can be independent of someone else's opinion, imposed on you.


    Is QBF a scam?

    QBF Broker has extensive experience of working with markets (Russian, international), a lot of prestigious awards. The stock market was chosen as the main direction of work. The company achieved good results here and, having mastered the mentality of foreign brokers, it entered the masses. Now its services are available both for professionals and for beginners. The QBF employees have created original packages, which offer different conditions both for experienced investors and beginners.



    QBF stock broker one of the first in the country has provided clients with the possibility of using trust management in the foreign stock market. The highest reliability rating of the company ("A") testifies to its stability.

    Choosing cooperation with QBF, an investor can successfully invest in any of its services - asset management, trading operations with a variety of domestic and foreign financial instruments, Internet trading. Also the investor can get informative and qualitative analytics, legal and management consulting. All these facts indicate serious intentions and prospects of the company in the future.

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