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    • Do not mess with the company Leomax there scammers advertise one you send complete crap

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    • Do not buy tickets from the company buy ticket, they are scammers. Every month they will take money from your card. Do not believe any link where it says buy ticket!

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    • My story. Since June 5, 2020 I trusted the company Delta-Capitals. I invested endlessly and seemed to trade successfully under the guidance of the analyst Ilya Konstantinovich Koltsov. I could not withdraw it, they offered to pay interest first. Paid 17 thousand dollars. His tel +44 1403 580219 London. After realizing that It is useless, I turned to the legal company ACTIV St. Peterb. for a refund from a fraudulent broker. And they turned out to be a fraud! It’s some kind of a caper! Nothing holy! They rob people, and so suffered. Their surnames:Lawyers-Sinitsyn Sergey Sergeevich, then handed me over to Matveev Mikhail Alexandrovich, and the latter Reztsov Denis Alexandrovich. They put on a whole show. This ACTIV has a decent website. And they continue to deceive people! Remember these scammers!

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      • gosty 3 September 2020 at 02:34

        The same story, but with Barclay Stone. Only first Maxim Kamenev told me, and then Roman Nikolayevich. He told me that I needed money, money, money, that he would give me a bonus for money, and so on... As soon as I signed the email, miracles began to happen with my account, my account= I stopped managing them, but when I decided to withdraw funds, the accounts were instantly zeroed out. Customer service, which is supposed to work 24(7) hours a week just ignored my appeals. Do not be fooled!

    • Do not enter the scam card charges for the Internet!!!

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    • The StartUp Show hosted by Ivan Alyokhin ( is a hoax and trickery.
      Alekhine invites everyone to this show entrepreneurs — just show up. He promises that everyone will find an investor at this show. But there are almost no investors on the show, although the website has a large number of photos of various famous investors. Alekhine has never attracted any investment from anyone. On his website he states: «Out of 100% of StartUp participants. Show, 80% attract investment in the first month. But none of this is true. My friends were at the show on April 4, 2019. None of the startups had any I did not receive any investments, although they were praised. Here’s a screenshot of the prizes and 0 investments. . Full video:
      Alyokhin’s goal is one thing: to get you to come to the show and pay money for the performance. And the money is huge: For example, for the show on May 30, 2020, as much as 300,000 rubles! The Startup Show is a scam, and Alekhine is a cheat.

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    • Smart Group is a company that scams people for money. Be careful. The money you invest, but the withdrawal of them will not be able to. They say there is no such function. I wrote reviews, they deleted them everywhere. I appealed to technical support, they keep silent. They offer to help get the money out, asking for money to pay for it. I began to poke around, but they turned out to work with them. At the bottom of the site there is a company like this. Look carefully, do not get caught. Who is interested in details is my vyber +447932529155. Write All will tell you.

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    • Be sharp, divorce

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    • The task in the system:
      To timely notify the trader about the upcoming strengthening of the current trend (end of correction).
      Before the strengthening of the trend appears arrow of the corresponding color: green — up, red — down.
      The trader, having received a signal, opens a trend trade with the probability of signal processing 95%.
      Determines the key trend reversal points.
      The task in the system:
      show traders the key end/stop points of the current trend with arrows. In this case, the trader closes the trades opened on the trend and enters the reversal.
      At the end of the day
      You can see all the information on one chart and on one timeframe.
      This will allow you to avoid fear and indecision before entering the market.
      Two to three minutes after downloading the chart, you will know if there is a whether you have a deal or not, where to enter and exit a position.
      I attach a video of the system and screenshots plus a video lesson on how to work with system.
      Any questions? When you decide to buy, write me and I will give you the details to transfer the money and you will get immediately to email trading system . Thank you for your understanding. There is no trial and will not be.
      Email me. My return address is [email protected] There may be an increase in prices from June.


      [email protected]

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      • Marat 10 June 2020 at 05:50

        Do you work at MarketsSoft?

    • Many months of testing have pleased me many times! The system is worth the money, $2,000 (two thousand dollars), you are worth the money with this system You will recoup it in 1-2 months. The system is prepared for Binary Options, Forex, The stock market , by Oil and Gold, works exclusively on all currency pairs. profit of 95% . The system works only on MT4 and is easily installed on the chart.
      BOGOSTTS CCI_20 system is a miracle that will make you not poor as a trader. To make money, you need to follow simple rules.
      The system includes licensed indicators developed for the MT4 platform.
      It uses a special algorithm to find areas of trend change at an early stage, as well as to identify points of resumption of the current trend before strong movement.
      The task of the system:
      To give the trader visual information about the state of the trend: up / down / flat.
      The indicator finds the key levels online and shows them on the trader’s chart without delay or re-rendering. It can be set up for any timeframe from M1 to W1.
      The task in system:
      show the trader the key supply and demand levels to open a position.
      The signal indicator, which shows the entry point for correction.

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    • Attention! Do not waste your time and money on an empty training at the pseudo guru preodovateli forex market and BOO. Hi . My name is Arseniy. Я I am a professional programmer of trading systems, working with a profit of 95%. I invented this trading system consisting of black and white trend signal patterns and candlesticks, which are superimposed on the original candlesticks of the chart itself on any pair to enter the market, instead of candlesticks and analysis, the system itself does everything for you sets support and resistance zones at the signal with an alert to enter, you just open yourself by to the deal signal . You do not need any training and spend a lot of time at the computer. I suggest working only on H1 and H4 timeframes for 100% signal on a rising or falling trend with an expiry exclusively for 60-90 minutes is better and at the end of the day for 12 hours for the ideal earnings.

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    • IQ options do not withdraw money The reason is that I funded from another map and the account in another name

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    • People don’t mess with the company 770capital… it’s a pure scam. their main man is Alexander Bezrukov. he told me so much and told me nonsense In short, I first transferred them to the account of 340 dollars is good that not all 500 to start trading. started more I got interested in this company and realized that this is pure fraud. No way to return. and the money is only partly mine and the rest on credit. for more information, please contact me on my phone number or vyber Or watsap or telegram +380989532170 Rustam. that did not say then that this proploletchennye kommentarrii. give if you need detailed information or screenshots.

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    • I wrote several complaints about Vladislav Knyazev [email protected], to whom I gave all my savings -6150 USD, but he did not return a penny. I got a call from GOLDENINVESTBROKER and was told that everything will be returned on 1.11.2018. So waiting today if they keep their word !

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      • [email protected] 1 November 2018 at 16:44

        they may also ask you for a withdrawal fee or insurance….
        Do not agree to this under any circumstances. And if you want to get your money back, do not sign absolutely any documents (even if they promise to pay back $ 100000000). Do not look for help. there is a lot of fraud, no one will really help. you will only lose money for nothing.

    • People do not dare to get involved with this scam in the morning I called Gennady Shaff that I would replenish the account, I refused to replenish it, he shouted at me in profanity, I just turned off the phone with such a shit I hate to communicate and after dinner I refused in the minus is how to understand you have not exchanges and full of Lohotron means will write every day on all sites about you let people know their heroes

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      • Evgeniy 7 May 2019 at 14:31

        What broker do you have, I have FinMax, I have the same situation, the money is not returned